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In this column, we frequently refer to international search engines which are top of their game in markets such as Russia and China — namely Yandex and Baidu.

Here are some examples of the kind of site and search approach which already exist to inspire you to go and find more! Find someone internationally

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In fact, Naver is number one in Find someone internationally Korea where Google has a very small share. In the Czech Republic, Seznam has been in the lead for a long time and still just about competes with Google there.

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However, Google is rapidly creeping up and Find someone internationally at its door. For now, continue considering Seznam as essential in the Czech Republic.

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Eniro is an interesting example of a search engine in Sweden and Find someone internationally a variety of reasons. However, more recently, Eniro has partnered with Google for some aspects of search and for advertising.

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A Polish portal with a strong following, Onet. In France, for instance, Orange has a very strong portal which carries a search function.

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