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Find true love in 27 days review

xXx Photo Galleries Find true love in 27 days review.

This is the Finding Love in 27 days series that I started a few months ago.

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I utilize these exercises in how they pertain to my life. I am in love but it has evolved and is definitely not the kind of love that I expected or depicted in my mind. Like all great loves it will run its course and both of us should strive to come out better during and after it.

A few things on this:...

As I write this we have come off a very rough patch and there are a lot of lessons, life experiences I have learned in all of this. He has been very supportive of my experiences and that is where the friend part of any kind of love relationship begins to take precedence and hold higher value than the lust and initial infatuation.

I consider life experience to include not just your day to day responsibilities but also your bucket list.

All life experiences begins the day you are born, the home you are raised in and the experiences you grow up with. It then transitions into adulthood with the choices that you make and the successes, joys, sorrows and lessons you learn from those choices.

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My perfect partner does NOT replace me, he should be an extension or reflection of all that is good in me. If your partner is extending into darkness and sorrow and what seems to be a different person, it is because YOU have also gone into that dark place.

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As in the game of chess, the queen protects the king and has the ability on the chessboard to move in any direction. So before I talk about what my perfect partner and I have in common, I must talk to you about my life experiences.

I have wonderful parents that are still married after 50 years. They are not perfect but they have never given up on each other and it is in them that I find people who truly love each other.

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They have their jokes but it is not what they say that shows the love, it is what they do. I was always a child that was afraid of rejection and I still hold that fear to this day.

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This is probably the reason why I had a mental breakdown a few months back that I am currently getting treated for. I have created an indomitable spirit that knows no bounds.

This is the Finding Love...

My mother has always supported my writing and has always believed in me even when we fight likes cats and dogs. With each battle I make the moves like a boxer, moving into the pain I have died and been reborn again. On one occasion I had an anonymous individual email my business associates about my mental breakdown in hopes of curbing clients. The support has been overwhelming and I am truly thankful for it. My caseworker said in light of the obvious attempt at defamation I was handling all of it very well.

At the end, it is not where you start but where you finish and I have the unique opportunity to get a golden nugget from God to reevaluate my life, my priorities and my direction. Find true love in 27 days review everyone gets to do that.

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My perfect partner has experienced life as I do. He has defined who he is by his own means and is self reliant. He takes chances and risks the way I do and he suffers through those consequences and comes out always on top. He has excelled at school and at work. He has traveled and has an appreciation for others and their Find true love in 27 days review. He is a man that helps people the way I do. His communication brings people together and can be very inspiring because he has seen and experienced things.

The following is an excerpt...

My perfect partner has a heart that loves the underdog as he himself has been the underdog just like me. The impossible odds breaker. The 20 to 1 horse that comes out on top.

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He has invested in businesses and causes he believes in and gives to those that he believes in just like I do. He loves to observe people yet not analyze them. We should both come at life with all the intentions of replacing fear, sorrow, depression and grief with love, happiness, excitement and discovery. He and I love to discover and try new things.

This is the Finding Love...

We both have this excitement in our bellies when we realize the joys of having our children discover the world. This is the life experience of MY perfect partner. He is an extension of all of those things about me that I want to improve.

Find True Love in 27...

In a nutshell that is my background preferences for my perfect partner. Follow me on my quest to discover my perfect love in 27 days series. Heather has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 10 years. The quintessential multi-tasker, she splits her time with her children and navigating the city.

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Visit other giveaways at Dallas Single Mom and enter to win some awesome prizes? Day 4 — What life experiences do you and your perfect partner have in common?

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