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The Hui people Chinese: Hui 2 tsu 2Xiao'erjing: According to the census, China is Chinese muslim in china to approximately TheDungan people of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are also considered part of the Hui ethnicity.

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Their culture has distinct differences that developed from the practice of Islam. Traditional Hui clothing differs from that of the Han primarily in that some men wear Chinese muslim in china caps taqiyah and some women wear headscarvesas is the case in many Islamic cultures. However, since the industrialization and modernization of China, most Chinese muslim in china the young Hui people wear the same clothes as mainstream Han Chinese.

The Hui people are one of 56 ethnic groups recognized by China. The government defines the Hui people to include all historically Muslim communities not included in China's other ethnic groups. The Hui people are more concentrated in Northwestern China NingxiaGansuQinghaiXinjiangbut communities exist across the country, e.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China inthe term "Hui" was applied by the Chinese government to one of China's ten historically Islamic minorities. Earlier, the term referred to Chinese-speaking groups with foreign Muslim ancestry. Practising Islam was not a Chinese muslim in china. Use of the Hui category to describe foreign Muslims moving into China dates back to the Song dynasty — Pan-Turkic Uyghur activist, Masud Sabri —viewed the Hui people as Muslim Han Chinese and separate from his own people, noting that with the exception of religion, their customs and language were identical to those of the Han.

Hui people are of varied ancestry, many directly descending from Silk Road travelers and expatriates. West Eurasian DNA is prevalent—6. In subsequent centuries, the immigrants gradually mixed with the Han Chinese, eventually forming the Hui.

Nonetheless, included among Chinese muslim in china in Chinese census statistics and not officially recognized as separate ethnic groups are members of a few small non-Chinese speaking communities. These include several thousand Utsuls in southern Hainan Provincewho speak an Austronesian language Tsat related to that of the Vietnamese Cham Muslim minoritysaid [ by whom? In contrast to distant Middle Easterners and Chinese muslim in china with whom the Muslims of China are not significantly related, East Asians, Han Chinese, and most of the Hui and Dongxiang of Linxia share more genes with each other.

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This indicates that native East Asian populations converted to Islam and were culturally assimilated and that the Chinese Muslim populations are mostly not descendants of foreigners as claimed by some accounts while only a small minority of them are.

Kublai Khan called both foreign Jews and Muslims in China Huihui when he forced them to stop halal and kosher methods of preparing food: Yet you do not eat Chinese muslim in china food or drink. How can this be right? Because the poor people are upset by this, from now on, Musuluman [Muslim] Huihui and Zhuhu [Jewish] Chinese muslim in china, no matter who kills [the animal] will eat [it] and must cease slaughtering sheep themselves, and cease the rite of circumcision.

Christians were Chinese muslim in china "Hui who abstain from animals without the cloven foot", Muslims were called "Hui who abstain from pork", Jews Chinese muslim in china called "Hui who extract the sinews ".

Huihui is presently used almost exclusively for Muslims, but Jews were still called Lan mao Huihui which means "Blue cap Huihui. Jews and Muslims in China shared the same name for synagogue and mosquewhich were both called Qingzhen si "Temple of Purity and Truth" from the thirteenth century. Synagogues and mosques were also known as Libai Si temple of worship.

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The widespread and rather generic application of the name Huihui in Ming China was attested by foreign visitors as well.

Matteo Riccithe first Jesuit to Chinese muslim in china Beijingnoted that "Saracens are everywhere in evidence.

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