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Censuses from the s have not included ethnicity and it is difficult to quantify Afro-Puerto Ricans as a percentage of the population. Estimates range from 22 per cent to 65 per cent.

Afro-Puerto Ricans were among the first non-indigenous people to arrive on the shores of Puerto Rico and can therefore look back Puerto rican women like black men a more that year presence however long enduring prejudices still affect their lives. An understanding of how the Afro-Puerto Rican presence is perceived can be gathered from the treatment meted out to illegal Dominican migrants. Puerto Ricans tend to represent Dominicans as being darker-skinned than themselves, and emphasize their African influenced facial features and hair texture.

Puerto rican women like black men Puerto Rico Dominicans often experience the intense stigmatization, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion to which all people of African origin are subjected in that country.

A history of slavery abolished in and plantation agriculture has left a significant population of African descent in Puerto Rico, sometimes referred to as gente de color people of colour. The first major input of Africans occurred with the arrival of West Africans to provide forced labour in the Spanish gold mining ventures and fledgling ginger and sugar plantations.

By the mines were no longer productive ending gold mining on the island. When mining ended the vast majority of the Spanish settlers left to find opportunity in the richer colonies leaving the island to become a Spanish garrison.

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African forced labour was used to construct a number of strong fortifications. In order to populate the island and contribute to the functioning of the garrison and forts an official Spanish edict of was drawn up offering freedom and land to free Africans maroons wishing to migrate from non-Spanish colonies, such as Jamaica and St Dominique Haiti. They joined the local militia and fought to defend to island against attacks from rival British colonizing attempts.

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Today some of their descendants still have non-Spanish last names and a large percentage of the African descended population of Loiza Aldea are self-employed fishermen. The majority of the European and African soldiers, settlers, farmers and enslaved labourers who settled on the island in the early years of the colony had arrived without women. By the time Spain reestablished commercial ties with Puerto Rico, the island had acquired a largely mixed population including a significant free Afro descendant element.

This granted Spanish subjects the right to purchase slaves and to participate in the flourishing business of slave trading and transport in the Caribbean. Furthermore as a result of the events in nearby Hispaniola, hundreds of Spanish refugees moved from that island to Puerto Rico after Spain ceded the western part Hispaniola to France, Additionally hundreds more migrated from Spain' s colony on the Eastern side following the triumph of the Haitian revolution in and Haiti's subsequent attempts to annex Santo Domingo Soon after Puerto Rico was opened to foreign trade, the Royal Decree of Graces of was issued to encourage Spaniards and later Europeans Puerto rican women like black men non-Spanish countries to settle and populate Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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It provided free land and encouraged the use of slave labour to revive agriculture. The new agricultural class that emigrated from Europe sought to acquire slave labour in large numbers leading to another increase in the flow of African people. The result was that Puerto Rico like Cubawas one of the last territories in the Caribbean to continue importing large numbers of enslaved Africans and became the Spanish Crown's other leading producer and exporter of sugar, coffee, cotton and tobacco; all mostly produced with enslaved African labour.

The Royal census of Puerto Rico in established that the island's population as 42, enslaved Africans, 25, coloured freemen,people who identified themselves as whites andwho were described as being of mixed ethnicity.

With European settlers having official sanction, instances of cruelty towards Puerto rican women like black men African workforce were Puerto rican women like black men. This helped to establish relationships in the society such as the low regard for African ancestry and African culture in general including devaluing dark skin colour and attendant hair texture.

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Plantation conditions led to a number of uprisings from the early s until including El Grito de Lares of Septemberwhen enslaved Africans who were promised their freedom rebelled against Spain.

Although the uprisings were all quickly suppressed they helped Puerto rican women like black men hasten the eventual abolition of slavery on Puerto Rico in some fifty years after it had ended almost every where else Puerto rican women like black men the Caribbean. The majority of the freed slaves continued working on the same plantations, however they did get paid for their labour This arrangement was made considerably easier for the owners who were financially compensated for the loss of their chattel labour.

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