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How to get over sadness

Sex photo How to get over sadness.

Everyone experiences sadness at some point or other in their lives. Studies have shown that sadness lasts longer than many other emotions because we tend to spend more time thinking about it. Ruminating, or going over our sad thoughts and feelings again and again, can lead to depression and keep you from overcoming sadness.

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Several studies suggest that crying is a useful coping mechanism because it communicates pain to others. It may also encourage others to show support. This may be true, although the amount of toxins eliminated by crying is negligible.

Most tears are reabsorbed in your nasal cavity. One study suggested that whether you feel better after crying is linked to how your culture views crying. If your culture or even your family views crying as something shameful, you may not feel better after crying.

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While popular wisdom holds that not crying after a sadness-provoking incident is unhealthy, this is not the case. Crying because you feel obligated to may actually keep you from recovering. Several studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals that can help fight sadness. In addition, the benefits of How to get over sadness were greater for people experiencing depressed mood.

This may help How to get over sadness you from focusing on your sadness. Even light activities such as gardening and walking show a positive effect. Several studies have shown that smiling, even when you are sad, can help you feel better.

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So if you are feeling sad, try to smile. In fact, there are 19 types of smiles that you can perform. Research has also showed the opposite: Listening to music can How to get over sadness soothe and relax you. Why you choose to listen to music is as important as what you listen to.

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