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Whistler restaurant tate

Sexy Galleries Whistler restaurant tate.

T here are so many extraordinary things about this restaurant that I'm not quite sure where to start.

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Let's go with the obvious, then: It really is quite something: Painstaking restoration has peeled off years' worth of MPs' cigar smoke to reveal their full sylvan Whistler restaurant tate. Which is just as well, because it gives us something to do while being completely overlooked by the staff.

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Ah, yes, the service: We're talking staggering doziness. I'm abandoned and ignored at the front desk behind increasingly enraged tourists.

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There's clearly something totemic about Whistler restaurant tate computer terminal in the centre of the room, because it draws staff like moths to flames. Then there's the menu: What, we ask, is Trafalgar trout? And kale," comes the reply.

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Way to sell it to us, baby. We resist the blandishments of the trout.

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Minuscule carrots, again with a touch of acidity, are almost raw and served with mandolined discs of radish. This isn't Whistler restaurant tate, it's the 5: There's pheasant, tough and grey, with an actual porridge of oats and parsley.

Some things are history for a reason. But I forgive everything because the wine list — long a whispered, greedy little secret among the capital's bibulous — should be preserved for the nation in the galleries above.

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This is the most seductive of the extraordinary things: There are suggested wine pairings with each course; a good way, we reckon, to give it a workout without resorting to stratospheric sums.

Pfaffl Wein 2, a Whistler restaurant tate Austrian pinot noir full of frisky cherry fruit.

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With a Sussex pond pudding half a lemon baked in a suet crust, so sticky juice pools out when you cut into itwe're given a healthy swig of Christmas cake-y Rutherglen muscat. There are rumours of under-the-counter swag, but Whistler restaurant tate to access that would probably have brought the sommelier out in hives.

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The bill for this boozy wallow is much lighter than I expect. I can think of little nicer than sinking into a table here at lunchtime to pay homage to that wine list, pouring out into the Millbank dusk, properly Whistler restaurant tate, several hours later.

Even with the Keystone coppery of the staff and eccentricity of the menu, I'd say so.

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