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How to deal with anger wikihow

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Being a teenager isn't easy. There are pressures of school, work, family, peers, hormones, and many other things. As a result, this can be a very frustrating time of life: Fortunately, there are several ways you can deal with your anger. Emotional Health and Well Being. Mengelola Kemarahan untuk Remaja. Expert Co-Authored Why choose wikiHow?

When you see the green expert checkmark on a wikiHow article, you know that the article has received careful review by a qualified expert. If you are on a medical article, that means that it was co-authored by an actual doctor, nurse or other medical professional How to deal with anger wikihow our medical review board.

Similarly, veterinarians work with us to co-author our pet articles, lawyers for our legal articles, and other experts work with us to co-author articles based on their specific areas of expertise. Go for a hard workout. One way to deal with your anger is to vent it in ways that ultimately benefit you. Use the negative energy of your anger to your benefit by going for a long run or hitting the weights.

Rigorous exercise can help you reduce your anger and help you cope with stressors that trigger anger in the first place.

Talk to a friend. Tell your friend or significant other what is making you angry. In many cases, simply venting your frustrations will help you to cope with your How to deal with anger wikihow, even if there is How to deal with anger wikihow solution presented from the conversation.

When you find yourself trying to deal with anger, try to calm yourself down. You can accomplish this by breathing deeply.

Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, and exhale for a count of four. Make sure you are breathing with your diaphragm rather than with your chest. When you breathe with your diaphragm, your belly extends out you can feel it with your hand. Do this as many times as necessary until you start feeling calmer.

Go for a walk. If it is possible for you to escape the anger-inducing situation that you are in, do so and go for a walk. You will be able to calm down easier if you distance yourself from the situation that made you upset. If you absolutely cannot leave the situation, try to remove yourself from it through your imagination.

Imagine you are on a vacation to your favourite place in the world. Try your best to picture all the sights, sounds, and smells to make your vision more vivid.

How to Cope With Anger....

Think about something funny. Although easier said than done when you are angry, if you can get yourself laughing, you can change your emotional state.

You can use your brain and imagination to create all sorts of ridiculous situations that can get you laughing. Tell yourself you will let your anger show itself after a ten second delay if you still feel angry after those ten seconds. Counting to ten can help you put off your feelings for the moment. How to deal with anger wikihow someone made you angry, do your best to consider things from her perspective.

Ask yourself whether she might have done the behavior on accident, or whether her behavior was constrained by the situation in some way e. Also ask yourself whether you have ever made a similar mistake. Replace your angry thoughts with more productive ones. When we exaggerate the importance of an event, our anger can get out of control.

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Out of control anger might lead you to these thoughts: Now my entire week is ruined. Everything at school is going to be horrible. You got a flat tire. There could have been glass in the road or sharp rocks to cause the flat tire. Use your reasoning before your body gets out of control. Try to find a solution to the problem.

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With problem solving, you are doing everything in your power to address the problem. You need to figure out your own feelings regarding the situation. Then you need to express them in the most productive way you can.

You may not be able to control the problem, but you can control how you react towards it. You can still be angry, but it is also productive to talk with your parents calmly to figure out a solution. You might say to yourself: I am not yet an adult, but I feel I can handle myself. I need to calm down and get my brain clear. I will ask them to tell me their reasons for saying no.

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I will talk calmly about why I want to go. I will ask if one of them wants to drop me off and pick me up. Even if they still say no, they will see that I am reacting like an adult and they will see that I am becoming more mature. Maybe that will help the next time I want to go to a concert. Having a better understanding of what other people feel How to deal with anger wikihow help you figure out how to react appropriately in certain situations.

Even looking through a magazine or a photo album can be helpful. Double-check your perceptions with others. Sometimes, when you think that someone is getting angry with you, you might respond by getting angry back at this person.

But before the misunderstanding escalates, check in with the other person to learn more about what he is feeling. Avoid responding with physical aggression. When you get angry, your first impulse may be to How to deal with anger wikihow, push, or kick someone.

If you are responding to a bully, you are giving this person what he wants, which is a reaction from you. If you are bullying someone else, you are responding with violence that can hurt someone. Avoid expressing your anger in a passive way. Avoid expressing your anger in an aggressive way. Aggressive anger expressions, such as shouting at someone, are the most problematic. There is the possibility of violence and negative consequences for failure to control angry outbursts.

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This can interfere with everyday functioning if anger How to deal with anger wikihow frequently and is out of control. Express your anger assertively. Assertive expression of anger is the most constructive way to express anger.

Assertiveness cultivates mutual respect for each other. Anger is expressed, but in a way where it is non-accusatory and mutually respectful.

To communicate assertively, give the facts without making accusations. Here is an example: I could have just misunderstood what was going on. Can we talk and work this out? In order to get respect, you have to give it.

Look at your anger as...

Then you will foster cooperation and reciprocal respect. Your communications should convey requests rather than demands. Using please and thank you is not only polite, but it also shows respect for others.

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