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We live together blog

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It's spring and wedding season is just about to begin.

Couples who live together before...

Some engaged couples are stressing out about the rising costs of getting married. Some couples try to save money by choosing to go the city hall route, but there's one group of people that's trying something altogether different.

Whether or not they choose to get married, many couples follow the familiar model of relationships in which they meet, fall in love and then move in together.

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Lately, though, some people are defying the stereotype and choosing to be in loving, long-term relationships without the benefits of cohabiting. I imagine that there are even more people doing this today.

For younger couples, the choice to be together but live apart is often due to financial circumstances or because of separations brought on by work or school. For couples aged 60 and over, however, the most common reason for choosing this type of arrangement We live together blog to remain independent.

In the younger age group, the majority of people plan to eventually move in with their partner, whereas in the older group, most have no such plans. These individuals want to maintain their own homes and their own lifestyles while being in a committed relationship with their partner.