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Starting up a plastering business

xXx Photo Galleries Starting up a plastering business.

If you're working alone, with limited financial liability, setting up as a sole trader may be an easier option than starting a limited company. I'd already been to college to do an NVQ level three apprenticeship, and then I worked for a firm for two years.

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Afterwards I went to the local tax office to give them proof of my identity. Plus, my personal financial liability was limited, so I didn't need the protection being a limited company grants.

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Sometimes I asked other self-employed tradesmen to help out, if a job was too big for me. I had to get public liability insurancebut I also took out accident insurance, which covered me if I had to take time off. Obviously, I had to insure my van, too.

You need to keep a constant stream of work coming in and put money aside as back-up in case the Starting up a plastering business dries up. You should keep records as you go along, as well as retaining sales receipts as proof of all purchases the business makes.

I didn't have the time or knowledge to fill it in myself. I could then concentrate on what I'm good at - plastering.

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You pay a fee for the year and they sort out the ad for you. The biggest mistake I made was spending too much on a big advert in the Yellow Pages.

Having smaller adverts in more directories and sending out leaflets locally would have been more effective. I started out doing jobs for friends of the family, they then recommended me to people they knew, and the work has just grown from there.

Breadcrumb You are here: Home Set up a business Registering as a sole trader How i started up as a sole trader. Getting started "I became a sole trader rather than setting up a limited company because it's easier, cheaper and there's less admin Starting up a plastering business do.

Sole trader responsibilities "As a sole trader, you're personally responsible for debts if your business goes under.

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Adverts and online marketing "I advertised in directories such as the Yellow Pages and Thomson. If your personal financial liability is Starting up a plastering business, becoming a sole trader is easier and cheaper than setting up a limited company.

Put money away as you go along, then you won't have to panic when you get your tax bill.

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