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Does link ever hook up with zelda

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HylianRoyal - Dec 8th6: ZeldaU Bingo Game Awards. KingOfHeart - May 24th4: HylianRoyal - Nov 19th8: Yes, my password is: Password Remain logged in Lost Password. It all makes sense now. Nintendo has never officially shown Zelda and Link as a couple, just friends. Fans ship them, the story hints at it, but they are never shown romantically together. Skyward Sword seems to be the only game to hint at romance so strongly, starting off with a "romance trailer": Skyward Sword is said to be the first in the timeline.

Meaning this is the first Link and Zelda.

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Its implied that they got romantically involved after the credits roll, had enough children to establish the kingdom of hyrule, Does link ever hook up with zelda the castle and town on the surface, etc, etc. Their desendants could be reincarnations of themselves. Skyward Sword heavily implied that each Link is a reincarnation of himself, and each Zelda is a reincarnation of herself. The way the reincarnation supposedly works is through their desendants. Gandondorf in Ocarina even says he will exact his revenge on their desendants the next Link and Zeldas?

Here is where it gets tricky. Being a desendant means they share the same blood as their ancestor. So both Link and Zelda's blood would be traced back to their great, great, great, great grand parents Skyward Link and Skyward Zelda.

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If the Links and Zeldas in the other games got romantically involved, that would mean they would be dating as siblings. They are the desendants of their incarnate origins, this siblings perhaps distant but siblings none the less.

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Incest causes genetic issues, and nature favours against it as it shrinks the gene pool. Socially incest is frowned upon, after the gay marriage debacle in Tomodachi Life, Nintendo certainly doesn't want the press on them like that again! So to play it safe, and avoid incest implications, for these reasons I believe Link and Zelda will never been shown together romantically.

The Does link ever hook up with zelda on in the timeline s the less related their descendants become. In a Link to the Past in particular many fans interpret Uncle's final words "Zelda is your It could make sense. If building the timeline of of how genetically different each incarnation of Link and Zelda are, A Link to the Past would be shortly after Skyward Sword if they are truly direct siblings at that point.

Buuut hey, thats just a theory!

I was just wondering if...

You may disagree with me on this thread, but I can guarantee you'll agree with me on another "That knight was none other than you, Link. Uh, how is it incest if generations have passed by? At this point, they are not even related And if you go further with Link 5, Zelda 5, etc.

When Does link ever hook up with zelda fall in love, how far back in the family tree do you research to find out if you have any similar parents?

I am just deducing that Princess Zelda and Link has the following relationship: I would say he's a mercenary, but Nintendo didn't intend it that way round so Link is serving whoever the good ruler is, similar to a knight, but not exactly a knight since he doesn't get to marry the princess whatsoever. More like master and slave, in other words, only in better limelight and better position: Or, saviour, if that sounds better.

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Skyward Sword seems to be the only game to hint at romance so strongly, starting off with a "romance trailer". Demise's death speech said ''Blood of the Goddess''. And in Twilight Princess, the Hero of Time met his descendant.

Yeah but none of the other Links have to be even slightly closely related, and most likely aren't.

The relationship between Link and...

Partial signature credit to Eternalegend. Go back far enough and you will find a common African ancestor of the entire human race. The bloodline of Zelda seems to be the same but as with any bloodline as time goes on it loses it's potency. Obviously the bloodline of SS Link has been destroyed at some points. Maybe it's because some of the games are directed toward younger audiences?