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What makes your stomach flutter

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The year-old primary school teacher had just started dating again after eight years of being single. In fact her symptoms turned out to be advanced ovarian cancer.

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They started going out for meals, he met her friends and they attended a wedding together. I just thought I must be in love.

Then I saw the form. Her surgeon admitted he had a What makes your stomach flutter than 10 per cent chance of getting all the cancer out because it had spread to the surface of her liver, bowel and a ligament: She had chemotherapy to try to shrink the cancer and then an operation.

The man Letitia had been dating for two months was supportive.

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Mostly I was focusing on getting better and I did have the support of my family including my year-old daughter. Last summer came the time for the operation.

Everything had What makes your stomach flutter from all the tricky areas. Letitia, from Woodford Green, Essex, still needed to have more chemotherapy and then had an early menopause as a result of her treatment but she has never felt better and returned to work in March.

Louise Bayne of the ovarian cancer charity Ovacome says 70 per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer do not survive past five years. B is for bloating that does not come and go but feels more persistent and severe.

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E is for eating less and feeling fuller quicker. A is for abdominal pain and T is for telling your GP.


Because of its rarity GPs also miss the signs. One woman went to her GP constantly with pain, bloated stomach and breathlessness and was regarded as a nuisance.

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Shortly afterwards she was given a year to live with stage four ovarian cancer that had spread to her lungs. To assist diagnosis Ovacome has helped create a web-based ovarian cancer checker.

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Now on the NHS Choices website it enables women to track their symptoms daily which in turn helps doctors to identify women who need specialist assessment. Letitia is eternally grateful her GP picked it up. I never take anything for granted now.

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For more information on ovarian cancer call the Ovacome helpline on or visit www. He rang me that night.

Most stomach spasms are harmless...

WHEN Letitia Featherstone started getting butterflies in her stomach and B is for bloating that does not come and go but feels more persistent.

Most stomach spasms are harmless and go away without further treatment.

If your stomach spasms are painful or happen often. If you notice a swimming sensation in your stomach, you might be Another common cause of swimming and fluttering sensations in the belly.

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