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Should I Spank My Kids? Discipline your children, and they Correct way to spank give you peace of mind and will make your heart glad. I have peace in my house and my heart is glad.

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My kids are pleasant for the most part. We have lots of fun together. They are fun-loving, carefree toddlers, Correct way to spank like all toddlers should be. But they seem to mind pretty good. Just today I was able to get my two-year-old to eat all her vegetables without lifting my voice at all.

I spank my kids. I like rewards much better. Today I told my two-year-old that if she ate all her vegetables that I would give her a popsicle afterward. I can see the jaws dropping now and the heads shaking. She ate every last Correct way to spank. Then I gave her a popsicle — and she was glad to have it!

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I was happy, she was happy. She even gave me a proud high-five after eating the last bite of veggies. You can only hope to persuade them. As a parent, I know that Katee needs to eat her vegetables, so I want to be very persuasive. Correct way to spank

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Some people may think this is harsh, but I think its much less harsh than what I have seen in other households: I think that is abusive. Spanking your kids properly is not abusive. A few months ago I asked Halle to pick up her toys.

I picked her up and carried her over to the couch. She screamed bloody murder. She begged and pleaded not Correct way to spank get spanked, she Correct way to spank she was sorry, but I know that if you want your kids to respect you, then your threats need to be meaningful.