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How would you react if you came home early and found your partner alone with a stripper? Every little thing your shaking hands could grasp would probably fly across the room—even that unfortunate woman.

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Since his girlfriend was away, he thought of doing a stripper prank in revenge. He shaved his legs, slipped into a tiny, black dress, wore a wig, and a pair of red shoes.

In the highly technologically advanced world we are currently living in, mobile phones are already considered necessities.

Every year, many mobile phone companies develop new models boasting of new and improved features just to keep up with the needs of our society.

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Everywhere you look, you see people in the streets or in the subways holding their mobile phones and their eyes glued to their phone screens. The problem though, is what happens when our phones suddenly get damaged?

Unless your phone is a Nokia, you're screwed.

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By using awesome wallpapers, that's how. Scroll down and enjoy a few laughs too Continue Reading Entertainment Independence Day: Resurgence trailer released They aliens were bound to come back.

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Steven Hiller to lead the team, how do you fight and gain back independence from a vicious attack? Just when everyone is busy with the upcoming showing of the latest Star Wars instalment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a trailer for another awesome movie was released to the public.

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The teaser was shown during a football game last Sunday. Sadly, main actor Will Smith is not returning for this film. Steven Hiller, was killed during a test piloting of the alien hybrid due to an unknown malfunction.

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