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Should i give up on him quiz

xXx Images Should i give up on him quiz.

Do you constantly think about him, yet it seems as if he doesn't care?

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Or maybe he might act like he cares at times, but you like him a bit more than he likes you? Well, maybe you should take this quiz. Published November 22, Do you guys text a lot?

If so, does he respond quickly, or does he take yearsss to reply? We text; he answers instantly every time.

If so, does he respond...

We text; if depends on how he's feeling. He gets passes lol. We stopped texting; he was taking a while to answer so I left. We don't text anymore; I don't feel like spilling all of my private information with you, sorry, 'kay bye. Does he ask you how you're doing? Or how your day was? And does he have actual interest, or is he just trying to make conversation?

Idk anymore Oh dang. That's usually like the first thing he asks everyday. He always cares about my day, and such. Well, I wish I had that.

Take this quiz and find...

He asks, but he doesn't really seem like he has actual interest. He used to, but we fell apart. I knoweth how you feeleth.

I absolutely love him and I have a feeling he feels the same. Go get it, baby! Nahh, but I want to date him.

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Yes, but we both decided we needed to talk more. We were on our way, but he turned into a lil' jerk, so I gave up on 'us'.

Yes, but he dumped me ;-. He doesn't deserve you, sweetness! Yes, and we're talking about getting back together. Why are you Should i give up on him quiz taking this quiz? Last question because I'm lazy: Does he ever talk to you about other girls? He used to, but not anymore. We've been for each other since day one!

Alright, we get it! It's a new girl every week!

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I'll do it for you! He used to not, but now he's always talking about this one chick. Forget about him, honey.

If you are in a...

Tbh, No I didn't lie, this isn't a questionI love you guys. I loveth you tooeth.

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You wish you were as cool as me. If you don't come fight me right now! I'd love you if I could love anyone.

If so, does he respond...

I love you too. Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. Are you "pretty" according to ? Are you An Angel or Devil? What type of people are interested in you. Which of the 7 deadly sins are you? What kind of girl are you?

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Which BTS song describes you the most? Which BTS member is your soulmate?

Are you Cute, Beautiful Or Hot? Which BTS meme are you? What type of intelligence do you have? What color is your personality? Take this quiz and find out your answer u should give up him or not!. Confused on whether hes worth your time?

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Take the test & find out. Take this quiz ! Does he remind you he loves you?

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