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Orgasm picture squirting

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So, why not try it? So is it just a fun thing, or is it something more important?

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And a lot of women do indeed say it goes along with an intensified experience of orgasm. To start with, a lot of people think there are at least two kinds of ejaculation. First, Orgasm picture squirting small amount of creamy white fluid which comes from the vulva more exactly, out of the urethra during extreme sexual arousal and orgasm. Needless to say, a lot of people have thought of the first as genuine female ejaculatory fluid, and the second as the release of urine.

They are saying that squirting orgasms are Orgasm picture squirting the release of urine.

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Gushing or squirting orgasms seem to have gained a reputation Orgasm picture squirting being very powerful, almost a kind of enhanced orgasm. And the experience of being with a woman who squirts is very arousing, which may explain why men want women to squirt so much.

But the question is, what do women who produce squirting orgasms, and the men who want them to squirt, really get out of this? Fun and pleasure is one obvious answer…. It can be a peak sexual experience to see your female partner Orgasm picture squirting in the grip of a powerful, very wet orgasm. Interestingly enough, these instructions alter the angle at which the urethra enters the bladder, and make it much more difficult for a woman to retain urine.

So, yes, there could be an element of urination in gushing. But the fluid released during a squirting orgasm never smells like urine, nor does it look like it.

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The study which most people have taken as Orgasm picture squirting of this was conducted on seven women, who were all experienced squirters. The researchers used ultrasound techniques to establish whether or not their bladders were full before and after orgasm.

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Chemical analysis and bladder ultrasound does seem to confirm that. Tomorrow is another day! I get that, however t he release of urine during orgasm can be very exciting, both psychologically and physically.

On the other hand, if the release of large Orgasm picture squirting of fluid turns you on, and you are enjoying squirting orgasms — why not? Way back when, Gary Schubach wrote an article in the electronic Journal of Human Sexuality on female ejaculation. So could it be Orgasm picture squirting this fluid is mixing with fluid coming from the bladder?

It continues to be Orgasm picture squirting controversy, which is a shame, as it distracts from the fact that this might be a great way of enhancing Orgasm picture squirting pleasure. The Tantric experts have a word for it — they call it Amrita or nectar of the gods. Female Ejaculation, she says, is a sacred process, which is probably very different from squirting.

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And the fact that female ejaculatory fluid is surrounded by this esoteric and slightly secret sense of a special gift to women who channel the energy of the gods, the Divine Feminine, makes it even more mysterious. People have tried to measure it, examine it, explain Orgasm picture squirting, figure it out.

There is no way to measure, or explain, the divine. Does this attitude to squirting orgasms help or hinder the debate? Female ejaculation of Amrita may be something else.

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And the quantity produced varies considerably — some women can soak the bed, other produce a dribble. Are these Orgasm picture squirting producing Amrita? I Orgasm picture squirting everybody who experiences ejaculation or squirting orgasms, or gushing, as you prefer, has their own opinion, but when you start talking to Tantric experts, you soon realize they think female ejaculation is a mystical or esoteric experience which has nothing to do with science.

In the end, perhaps, you simply have to make your own mind up based on your own experience. But really, does it matter?

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The Art Of Gushing Orgasms! How To Enjoy Squirting! Creamy white fluid — the real female ejaculate?

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