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How to make someone dream about you

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Having lucid dreams, at least semi-regularly, will give you the opportunities you need to practice the following techniques. Use your favorite lucid dreaming resource to learn the basics first. I also have an article on lucid dreaming for beginners and one on reality checks. Just don't ask me anything about the waking world; I don't know a thing about it.

Dream interpretation has long fascinated...

Tell yourself that when you become lucid, it will be easy to find this person. This should be done multiple times a day until it comes to mind in your dreams. Remember that your dream scene is being created by your mind, so your emotions affect what happens.

All of the methods must be done with confidence and calmness. Try not to get too discouraged if you How to make someone dream about you make it partway, or fail to get anywhere. Once you become lucid and stabilize your dream, any of the following methods could allow you to see a particular person. Experiment with them all, or focus on the one or two that appeal to you the most. Spin around for about seconds. During the spin, picture the scene you want to enter, including your person of choice.

Stop spinning, convinced that How to make someone dream about you scene and person will materialize. Close your dream eyes and imagine the room or venue with the person of your choice in it. Wait until the picture is strong, then, open your eyes with complete expectation that you will enter the scene.

Another way to do it is to knock on the door. You can believe that the person will answer. A recurring location in my lucid dreams is the hallway of an apartment building; so many doors, so many chances for this method to work. If there are other people present, ask How to make someone dream about you of them where your person of choice is.

Have the expectation that they will point the person out directly or point to a location very close by. You can also tell whoever is there to go get the person you want to see. I find this to be very reliable. If your dream is set near a place that your person would be, go there. I only recommend this method if the place is really close by.

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If possible, fly to the location so you get there quickly. When you feel it, open your eyes and there they are. Picture the person appearing and greet them cheerfully. Imagine them greeting you happily, in whatever way you choose — with a smile, a hug, or whatever seems most natural. The information given here is only a starting point.

Keep thinking about your dreams, including where things tend to go wrong. After a while, you might find that one of the methods is better suited to the kind of dreams you usually have. If so, How to make someone dream about you all means focus on that one when you remind yourself through the day and pre-bed time.

I have the most success with 3 and How to make someone dream about you, and sometimes 6. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm not sure about how to dream more often. It might be a matter of remembering more of your dreams.

Having dreams on your mind over a period of time might tell your brain they're more important. This could make it feel like you're dreaming more often if you remember more of them. There are methods of making your dreams longer, if you're lucid.

How to Make Someone Dream...

Engaging your senses in the dream world is the standard. Rubbing your hands and arms together can ground you in the dream. Another really effective things is to spin around.


The spin is particularly good when you feel the dream slipping away. It can propel you into a new scene instead. I guess i could call it a lucid nightmare. I was Surf boarding and i remember there being a big shark and it bit me. Then i woke up and my leg was asleep, It was really weird. I've lucid dreamed before, but last time when he appeared, he said why did I ask him to go there at that time.

The location was my school and he was anxious at first because of the fans. We ended up video chatting. Also, I didn't mean to lucid dream, but ended up saying that I wish he was there with me.

One of the girls left class we werent doing anything in How to make someone dream about you and got him, so yay 4?

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Being lucid and exerting some control over a dream while also letting it play out naturally is a tough balance to strike. It's hard to experience the twists of a dream and stay lucid at the same time. As the scene changes or the people change it's easy to become distracted and forget you're dreaming. I can only suggest that you keep reminding yourself that you're lucid throughout How to make someone dream about you dream.

I sometimes have excellent lucid dreams, and other times I get into a lucid dream and lose my control pretty easily. I keep doing reality checks and make records of my most vivid dreams, what more can I do to consistently have lucid dreams where I am able to meet someone? The last time I was successful, I had a very long and vivid lucid dream, I set the initial scene I wanted and then after a storyline began to build, I decided to see where the dream would take me.

I want to continue the dream with this person from exactly where I left but have had difficulty doing so, because I also want to course of the dream to take place more naturally as it did last time. How can I do this? The fact that this is recurring is good How to make someone dream about you.

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You can daydream this situation repeatedly until you automatically doubt what your mother is telling you and reality check instead. Picture yourself in a lucid dream.

Have your mother enter the scene and tell you you're not dreaming. This will be the trigger for you. Set it in your mind that when your mother tells you you're not dreaming that you have to reality check.

Ask her to make sure no one bothers you. A common problem with seeing people in a dream is getting intruded on by someone else. I find it effective to ask another dream character to take care of this for me. How do I prevent this from happening? Waking up while lucid is always a possibility. It sounds like you were doing well. The cat might have distracted you enough to wake up but it's hard to know for sure. I find the best thing is to remind myself throughout the dream that I'm lucid and stay focused on what I want to do.

The usual strategy is to engage your senses so you're fully in the dream world - look around, listen, smell the air, and touch something rubbing your hands and arms is good. There are no guarantees though. Sometimes we're going to How to make someone dream about you up. How to make someone dream about you

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Hello again, and sorry to keep troubling you. So last night, I was finally able to have a lucid dream where the person I wanted to meet was acting of their own accord, without me consciously thinking about what they should do first. I found them walking around, and then followed them and they came to a cornered space and just as I was about to speak to them, my cat appeared. The problem was, as soon as How to make someone dream about you stood up from petting my cat and was about to turn around and meet the person who was patiently waiting for me, I woke up so instantly that I could not stop it.

What could have caused me to wake up, and how could I prevent it in the future when it happened so How to make someone dream about you This sounds like a tricky one. Any dream character knows what you know, so this is bound to happen. You're expectation was right but things won't always go the way we want in a dream.

Thank you for your fast response. Following on from that, I specifically met them at a time before a certain event happened, however, when I made a reference to that event, instead of the expectation that they would not know what I was talking about, they seemed to know exactly what I was talking about.

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Is this again to do with the fact that my own thoughts were derailing them too much, or is it that I travelled to the wrong time? This sounds like something you would have to set in your mind daily until it sticks. How to make someone dream about you would tell myself that when I see this person they will be relaxed and enjoy themselves and everything will be normal.

I would do this until that thought occurred to me in my dream. Thinking of that before seeing this person How to make someone dream about you prevent other thoughts from derailing their behavior.

How do I remain lucid, but not have as much control over them so that they come across more naturally? Yes, 1 In my experience things feel real while lucid dreaming. Sometimes they feel even more intense than when awake. Being lucid means you are aware that you are dreaming. It is also possible for you to enter another person's dream without you even being Before you proceed make sure you choose someone you know very well.

By setting the intention to do so.

If you are interested in dabbling with a little bit of magick. here is an exercise worth trying: Choose an area that is in contact with. Entering someone's dream means the dream has to be shared. Given the How do you expect another person to experience the same dream? To make the.