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Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990

Sexy Photo Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990.

Heavenly nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 sex photo

The following is a list of nudist and nudist-related magazine titles on the shelves of the NEF Research Library, along with the number of distinct issues presently held. Far too often, multiple publications by different publishers bore the same name e.

Nudist Magazines of the 50s...

Some magazines would change their name, and some of those would change it back again e. Editors would come and go; logos or title font would change and change back again.

Placement of volume, number, and date were often irregular; issues were sometimes skipped Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 and it's not uncommon to find issue dates to be inconsistently stated in a single issue, or altogether erroneous.

For some years, a special "annual" issue would be produced, in other years not. If sales were good and seemed to warrant it, a quarterly might be published as a monthly for a time, until it went back to appearing as a quarterly, perhaps intermittently. And if sales were really good, then multiple versions of a magazine might be published in different languages for varying markets…with or without a change in title or cover image.

Organizing nudist magazines is thus...

Organizing nudist magazines is thus more akin to a mystical experience with Miasma than any science known to the empirically-minded. That said, the following list attempts to provide the magazine Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 in the NEF Research Library as provided by each magazine cover and title page using the word-by-word system of alphabetization, and for the most part as suggested by The Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition.

Parenthetical notes attempt to distinguish the title from others by referencing things like former or future magazine titles, country of origin, language, publisher, associated organization, or time period. Many nudist magazines enjoyed a short life of one or a small handful of issues.

Nudist A group of naturists...

Others, like England's Health and Efficiencyhave been in publication for many decades. The number of such magazine titles may be high, but many individual issues are now all but impossible to find. The NEF collection includes magazines directly addressing nudism or naturism, i.

Nudist naturist magaines to Some...

Often, these latter magazines were clearly variants of erotica, "art model" collections of photos, or other forms of cheesecake or beefcake. Although they give no information about nudism per se, they do provide insight regarding what others thought about nudism, or how they attempted to exploit it.

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The NEF Research Library wishes to preserve and make available to scholars materials that shed light on all approaches to informing the public about social nudity and society's attitudes toward social nudity. The Library collection, however, limits itself to items that are lawful in light of U.

Naturism, Naturists, nudists, fkk, naturist,...

Click here for downloadable magazine title list in PDF format. Adam Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 Eve France 1 Adam and Eve Greece 2 Affiliate, The US 57 Air et nature France; Albert Lecocq; s 2 Akt Art 7 Aktuell Germany; today 5 Album natura Peru; s 3 Album naturiste s 2 All Season Naturist US 1 Almanach de naturisme 1 Along the Way 2 Amateur Jaybird US 5 American Naturist Magazine US 2 American Nudist US 11 American Nudist, The US 3 American Nudist Leader Annual 7 American Nudist Living US 1 American Nudist Review US 2 American Nudist Sun US 1 American Skinnydipper US 10 American Sunbather Annual US 4 Americanudism US 1 Amigo Nudist US 1 Amis du soleil France 68 ANA Essay, The 2 Ankh US; Elysium 26 Apollo Male Nudist Review 1 Approach to Nudism 1 Arcadia US; Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 32 Art Studio Life 2 ASA Germany 5 Au Naturel 6 Au Naturel World 2 Avant Nude 1 Awake Naked US 1 Back to Nature Magazine US 1 Ballyhoo US 8 Bare Facts unamerican nudism 1 Bare in Mind US; Leisure Bare Up US; Elysium, s 1 Bareables US 1 Bareback Bikies US 1 Beach Buzz US 13 Beachhead US 18 Belles en color 6 Better View, The 1 Black Nudist US 1 Bonjour Nature 1 Boy Nudist US; 1 Break Thru 5 Bright Nudist Annual 2 Bright Side 1 Brivais cilveks Latvia 1 Nudist naturist magaines 1950 to 1990 Bumber Crop US 2 Cahiers du naturisme 18 Campus Jaybird US 6 Canadian Nudist Profile Canada 1 Candid Lens, The 2 Candid Nudist Views US; s 10 Casual Nudist Scandinavian 1 Casual Nudist US 7 Charme international 2 Cheesecake Strip Nudist 2 Close Up 9 Colorgirl US; Sunshine Enterprises 2 Colormates US 1 Colorscope US 1 Colorscope Pictorial Quarterly US 5 Colorviews US; House of Price; s 18 Come Play 1 Cotton Tail US 2 Cultura Fisica y Sexual Spain; s 1 Culture humaine 12 Das Freibad Germany; Charly Stresser; 5 Das goldene Zeitalter 1 Das Magazin Germany; ss 17 De Naturist in de Wereld 2 Der Eheberater Germany; 1 Der Individualist 1 Vintage Naturist Magazine.

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