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How to stop emails from match com

Porn tube How to stop emails from match com.

Cannot stop this company if you can even call it that from sending me emails EVERY day with "matches" they have selected for me. I never even joined or paid them anything!

I was curious about Match. Every day they send me emails with pictures of the creepiest looking men that I would never even think of talking to let alone date them! I have tried to stop these emails but it is absolutely impossible!!

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They have no contact phone number and if I try to reply to the email to ask them to stop I am unable to, you can't reply to any email from them unless you click on the button to join Match. These people must be stopped!

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There were two unauthorized charges on my credit card from this company. One was for sign up to subscribe for match making and second one was the monthly recurring charge to keep up the account.

Fortunately we caught it and told them to refund it.

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But they would not reveal who created the account and they sounded like this happens very common with their company. This happened to me also.

There are other blogs where this happened. It was hard to speak to someone about this at the company. They refunded my money minus a fee for an international charge because it was match.

I also had to cancel my card and get another one. This happened to me too, when my American Express got charged. I have never visited their website or signed for any offers.

Not sure how they got my credit card information. I also was billed for service I never signed up for on my Visa. I don't know how they got my info, because I never even visited their website!

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You can't reach anyone by e-mail as my e-mail after e-mail went unanswered. After at least 10 ten tries to get them to post the correct pictures, I canceled my membership by informing my VISA I wasn't going to pay match. What a waste of my time and energy. This same thing just happened to me. I need to wait until the transactions post in order to get anything resolved.

every day i get junk...

I cannot believe that they can just get your How to stop emails from match com and charge you for something that you haven't even used! I've never even been to their website!!! This is really aggravating me. There are photo requirements and it takes time for them to be posted. If you can't reach them by email call them! This man is listed on Match.

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He is a con man. He is only looking for women with money I have written to Match.

every day i get junk...

I made a purchase on my charge card to funtonia. They did not have PayPal and I was hesitant at first. Stupid on my part I did it anyway, 2 weeks later I had a charge to Match. I had never visited nor used Match.

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I am normally very safe when using the internet for purchasing things. Goes to show it only takes 1 time and they get you. I called my bank and hopefully things will be resolved soon.

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My bank first said I do not need a new card with only 1 item charged that was fraudulent. I told them BS Send me another card now. I signed up and How to stop emails from match com for match. I did this a month ago. I met a man who came to my house and saw my username and password sitting on my desk and took it upon himself to cancel my membership.

Needless to say it didn't work out with him and I would appreciate it if I could get my match.

I have put a stop on the charge with American Express pending an investigation. If you sign up with match. Money will be taken directly from your account without your permission. The consumer should be protected from companies that deliberately set out to deceive the consumer in order to make more money.

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Funny how they refused to remove con men but are perfectly willing to terminate legitimate subscribers without a given reason. Why is a profile left on Match. I lost a relationship tonight because my old profile is still on Match. I cant get anyone to help me. I did not paid for the account I simple changed my mind. If you cancel the account or change your mind why would a profile be left on there?

"Consider my profile for the...

This is the biggest ripoff most of the people on there have a discontinued profile, they just keep them up to lure you in. When you try to contact these people they never access the email they no longer are on the service. Then they just keep your money. Yup, you were hit by the Nigerians scam. Somehow they get your charge card info and use it to start an account with Match.

I used to work for Match.

Thread: still receiving emails...

The Nigerians use the site as well as others to scam Americans out of money. Unfortunately some folks will Western Union money to these scam artist's. I worked for Match. They'll assist you with your permission to try your login and password.