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Where to meet korean girls

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For all the talk about day game that you can read online, most of the ideas and advice are the same.

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Go to a coffee shop. Stop a girl on the street. Go to a cultural event. Here are four great reasons that the subway is the best place in Korea to meet women and improve your game.

The subways in Seoul are almost all 8 cars long. Each car has about 40 seats, and room for another people standing to have enough room to slip through and find women. Where to meet korean girls means about people on the subway, and roughly half of those will be women.

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To add to those numbers, people are constantly getting on and off of the subway, so you get a self-recycling group of girls to choose from. Riding the subway during the day is a lot like a real life Tinder — if you like the way she looks, strike up a conversation. The Where to meet korean girls beauty is that you could easily just cruise up and down the cars doing one or two approaches per car, then start to backtrack.

It would be very easy to do 60 approaches in the 2 hours that it takes Line 2 in Seoul the green line to make a full circle. Line 2 hits 8 different university subway stops, and is the main transfer line for all the others.

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You deliver an opening line. Now you can choose to eject… or you can go for the Hail Mary and try to turn it up a bit. You might as well take advantage of your captive audience and run your whole routine.

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You can start into a ramble routine or maybe tell some silly joke that might get a laugh out of her. If you ride the subway to work, run a few approaches. You never have to walk more than 20 Where to meet korean girls to find another girl to talk to.

You can practice any time of the day. You can practice everywhere you go. You can do it solo or with a friend and never feel out of place.

You can do it near your home. You can do it in other cities. You can even do it drunk, which has a surprisingly high success rate for me despite it seeming like a bad idea. You can try new lines. You can try different styles.


You can work on improving specific parts of your game, like body language, posture, or eye contact. You can improve your Korean if you just feel like practicing.

Which brings me to the next point…. Finally, the best benefit to subway gaming is that it will raise your ability to approach drastically.

You have to do it in public in front of everyone on the subway car. Especially when you first start trying it, you will get blown out. It will hurt at first, and it will be embarrassing, but you must persist.

~ And the Korean Women...

You will become tough and immune to the sting failure. You will become numb to the rejections Where to meet korean girls the victories will be even sweeter. One of the hardest things about getting a good working routine together is the trial and error part. If you go out on the street trying to work up or tighten a day game routine, a good hour of work will be about 10 approaches.

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