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When I was growing up, we lived next door to a woman in her mid-fifties who had a rack that introduced me to the world of large, natural Mature nurse big boobs. Her name was Linda Patterson. Her breasts, however, were probably around a 38 EE.

My parents had told me that she was a nurse, so it was difficult to see her coming and going on a regular basis, as her hours varied. Any chance I could though, I would eye her walking to the mailbox out of my bedroom window and imagine what it would be like to be smothered by her breasts, sucking on her nipples, as her mature body dominated my boyish frame.

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She wore mostly Mature nurse big boobs clothing, yet could never quite hide her busty shape. I Mature nurse big boobs years masturbating to her image; playing out almost every scenario Mature nurse big boobs where she would force me into having sex with her, and showing me her breasts.

Shortly after I turned 18, I needed to get my yearly physical for the spring track team at school. The receptionist led me back to the examination room where she told me the nurse would be in to prep me for the physical.

Linda Patterson was the nurse who opened that door. I nearly had a heart attack. She wore the traditional white nurses outfit, with a canyon of mature cleavage showing down her buttoned front. Here for your physical? By the way, the doctor is out today, and has authorized me to administer the complete physical for annual sports exams, and regular check-ups. She instructed me to get undressed and she would return in a couple minutes. She was not only going to see me naked, but also see how aroused I was, and most importantly, see how small and skinny my penis was.

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She came back in the room and did the usual stethoscope routine. Tapped the knees, and asked me the usual questions.

As she was examining my lungs, ears, and eyes, I could see right down her chest, and became extremely erect. She backed away and told me she Mature nurse big boobs had to examine my privates, and asked that I remove my boxers. I removed them while turning away, afraid to show my hard-on.

She recognized this and reassured me again that she does this all day long with boys my age. I turned back around, and faced her.

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Is this because of me? She then began to gently caress and stroke my penis when she said: She gently pushed me back on the bed and said: I know how much you like to stare at them from your bedroom window. When she undid the Mature nurse big boobs button, her breasts tumbled out like an avalanche of mature tit flesh. I squeezed and played with them as she leaned in to me and forced her breasts into my face.

I buried my head in between them, and began nursing her nipples.

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Patterson slowly slid her hand up the inside portion of my thigh and tickled my balls. Mature nurse big boobs then began stroking my penis, and said: Patterson lowered her head onto my penis and gently licked the tip of my dick head while tickling my balls with her long red fingernails.

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I exploded into her mouth, as her breasts jiggled between my legs. Patterson sucked down every drop until I had nothing left to offer.

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She backed off of me and then leaned in over top of me with her breasts swaying above my face again. Your infatuation with my breasts, and your skinny little penis too.

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