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Women hairy boobs

Pics Gallery Women hairy boobs.

Big community Women hairy boobs update! What to do about them hairy nips? January 8, 3: Men who've seen 'em: I female, early twenties have translucently pasty skin and very dark and abundant hair.

Long, silky nipple hairs. It's no raging Women hairy boobs down around the nipple area, but it's not just one or two either: I generally pluck the hairs out, which is a process that's probably pretty much as you'd imagine it to be: I guess I have two questions: Has anyone else had to deal with hairy ta-tas?

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If Women hairy boobs, how did you go about that wax, bleach? Or did you just leave those hairs to grow wild 'n' free?

Do you have hairy nipples?...

Women hairy boobs, I'm the only one to have ogled my boobs so far. I think Women hairy boobs of my uneasiness about this part of my body stems from the idea that whenever it is that I finally have a man down in there, he'll be seriously put out by the sight.

Have any of the fellahs ever been with a partner with a little boob hair? Was Women hairy boobs no big deal? Okay, thanks in advance for your boob stories. Most of the women I've dated have had some nipple hair -- one or two stray hairs, mostly light colored. One very cute little thing had quite a bit Women hairy boobs darker hair Women hairy boobs each nipple; when I discovered this, I had a bit of Women hairy boobs plucking it.

By our next date, she'd taken care of removing it herself; I assume by plucking it but I didn't ask. Lots of women I've dated had boob hair. I never thought anything of it. If I had, and actually was enough of a jerk to somehow acknowledge it, they could have easily shot back with "well, you only have hair on one Women hairy boobs of your chest. Oh, and by this, I mean to say it's not a big deal at all. A female friend of mine told me that she had had hair on her nipples and had them permanently removed by electrolysis.

I don't know what it would be like having electrolysis in that area, but my friend definitely was not one to suffer without going into detail about it, and she never said anything about it hurting. So that's one option. My basic advice, try not to become too preoccupied with how your body looks.

But that's very general. Also, the following is very general.

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Women hairy boobs After some experiences you may discover people will think it's fine, and some may be put out by it. I have no idea to be honest.

If Women hairy boobs does become a problem for any reason whatsoever, there's always communities for In this case, it's people who would be fans of your body type. There's always someone who will be into exactly who you are.

Nipples are pretty cool no matter their configuration. Dudes want to see boobs. They usually are pretty excited when it happens and unconcerned about a few stray hairs.