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Native american mythology gods and goddesses

Pron Videos Native american mythology gods and goddesses.

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Login or Sign up. It is human nature to believe in something. It is a tradition of most cultures of people to have ideas about the conditions of life. Accordingly, the Native American culture relied on stories or myths to explain the ways of the world. In this lesson, you will learn about gods and goddesses, mythological figures whose powers affected the culture and spirit of Native Americans. For a long time, Native American cultures have created myths to explain life's wonders, such as why the universe began, Native american mythology gods and goddesses controls human existence, and how should people improve their survival in an indifferent world.

In North America, tribal groups dwelled in five regions: To Native Americans land was sacred as it Native american mythology gods and goddesses a part of nature and deserving of respect. Therefore, when European Americans bought and sold land as property, the Native Americans turned to a variety of mythological beliefs to express their consternation.

Having no single or unified body of mythological beliefs, Native Americans depended on different tribal stories about the deeds of their heroes and gods or deities. Despite the huge variety of myths found among the Native American tribes all over the country, common themes emerged that showed a reliance on spiritual forces, which shaped the natural world.

For instance, trickster stories about deities who could transform the state of the word were common among Native american mythology gods and goddesses.

Tricksters caused confusion and discord because of their wicked ways.

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Because Native Americans had an oral tradition of language acquisition, storytellers were responsible for sharing myths and legends from one generation to the next. Hence, stories about clans or groups of people with common ancestry pervaded the culture.

Native American mythology had four basic functions. First, the people used myths to express wonder about the universe. Second, myths helped to explain the nature of the universe.

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Next, to Native American culture, myths allowed tribes to pass on traditions. The fourth function Native american mythology gods and goddesses mythology is to show people how to live harmoniously in the world. Across many Native American tribes, there is a reverence for a high deity known as the Great Spirit. This Creator god was a mythological figure who was responsible for causing the universe to form.

To some tribes, the Great Spirit was found in everything, including land, water, sky, flora, and fauna.

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Yet, the Great Spirit only began the creation process and then left other deities to oversee daily upkeep of the world. Because the Great Spirit is often compared to the Christian God, it is the most celebrated of the Native American deities.

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With many enduring qualities, the Great Spirit was typically male but had less distinction than the high gods of Greek mythology. Get FREE access for 5 days, just create an account. Perhaps, the second most revered figure of mythology was the Earth Mother. Usually a female presence, Earth Mother had the responsibility of protecting the crops.

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According to myth, Earth Mother began each year as a young girl and aged into an old woman by winter. Then, by every spring, she was reborn. The former was a Creator deity who could easily be compared to the Great Spirit, and the latter had the role of prophet and bestowed peace upon the people. Although most Creator gods were good, some could be evil or mischievous, like tricksters who loved to cause confusion.

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