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Juliette And The Licks. See all past concerts I first became aware of Juliette Lewis's musical talent from the movie 'Strange Days'.

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It was to be 10 years later that she'd form a rock band, and to my delight I discovered a very strong resonance with her energy. When I heard that she was returning to London after having not been here for 8 Juliette and the lick picture, and a week before my 41st birthday no less, how could I not treat myself to a Juliette and the lick picture I listened to her entire catalog of music, both with The Licks and her solo material, and watched every live performance on YouTube.

The way my inner energy was consistently amped up beyond my expectations was enough to revel in the idea of seeing her live.

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So, on to the gig itself No-one in my social circle knows or even cares for Juliette and The Licks, let alone rock music, so I went alone.

Within a few minutes of entering the queue, I got talking to three lovely young women who were clearly as enthusiastic to be there as I was. That was a gift in itself. One of them even bought me a Juliette and the lick picture of water which was to be my saving grace!

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Juliette and the lick picture My gratitude to them all runs deep. So, upon entering Heaven how apt a name for such an event! I was surprised to see how small a venue it is.

I recall thinking "how are people going to fit in here?

Welcome! As you can tell...

Clearly there were no issues, and I made my way to the very front of the stage. Knowing that JL often crowd-surfs, I wanted to have the opportunity to be at the front if she chose to jump off the stage. I like to be honest and so I'll say briefly that the first support act were underwhelming for me personally, and the Juliette and the lick picture act somewhat more experienced.

Suffice to say that I was only there for the main event. On they came, the crowd began to go wild and off I went into a world I rarely visit: As soon as the first song started the crowd surged forward and I instantly knew what Juliette and the lick picture was like to be crushed and bashed at any other event where people let themselves go and become wildly free, and unsafe.

There's always a few individuals who seem to have only one agenda in mind: How big a mosh pit can they create?

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By the end of the first song, I somehow found myself several rows back from where I started the evening, and I was grateful for that because where I ended up was still not so far from the stage and I was in an area where there was space for people to actually dance, jump and bounce without causing any harm or discomfort to anyone else.

I stayed there for the duration of the concert. I found myself standing behind a man who was much taller than me, and Juliette and the lick picture was aware that he was Juliette and the lick picture a lot of my view. He kept apologizing and was the friendliest and most considerate person I've ever bumped into pun intended at a gig.

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Juliette is as energetic as she appears in her videos. She is larger than life, she IS life, and it's clear that reforming with The Licks was a good move because the synergy with which they play together is palpable.

Not to say that her solo material is inferior to what she's created with the band. They seem to lift each other up to the highest level and they share that energy with absolute Juliette and the lick picture force.

The track list was awesome, most of my favourites were played and we were gifted with a couple of covers that truly rocked the house. Being a rather sensitive guy has its bonuses, one of which is being fully present with people and being fully engaged with the activity at hand.

There was an atmosphere of togetherness, for we were all there for a common reason, joining in unison and being lifted up to a peak moment simultaneously. Time seemed at once to stop and speed up. Nothing else existed for me except the hour and a half of pure rock energy with my fellow rockers!

Juliette did indeed stage dive during the second and final encore song and Juliette and the lick picture squealed in excitement as she was headed straight for where I was standing. Alas, right at the last moment a wave of arms lifted her to another area of the crowd and I Juliette and the lick picture the opportunity to touch someone I consider my 'spirit animal'.

After the gig, standing outside with the three young women I'd befriended in the queue, I became overwhelmed with emotion and found tears falling from my eyes. It was one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself and would not hesitate to see Juliette and The Licks again and again. It was the wildest night of my life and it was an energy I've never experienced before at a concert.

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Juliette And The Licks On tour: Yes, please notify me. Similar artists with upcoming concerts Clara Luzia.

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Wed 07 Nov Messe Vienna, Austria. I Hate You Just Kidding. It was incredible and it was totally mind-blowing. Read more Report as inappropriate.

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Juliette and The Licks is an American rock band led by actress and singer Juliette Lewis.

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Hassle Records · All the Lyrics · Lollapalooza Live Performance Video · Images - Frequency · Juliette interview with LeftLion Magazine. Juliette and the Licks.

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