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Signs youre dating a man with baggage

Pron Pictures Signs youre dating a man with baggage.

And the woman who men consider full of baggage because of kids, bad relationships, or credit debt is also not alone. You see, men Signs youre dating a man with baggage also be bitter; and although many would hate to admit it, they too can come with baggage. Well, it finally allowed me to diagnose the disease that plague many men.

The symptoms usually include closing people off, infidelity, miscommunication, and other actions caused by trust issues.

Justin appeared to have it all together on the outside. He was a few years older than me, so immediately I thought he would be more serious than many of the knuckleheads I had recently met. He was successful and ambitious, with a career that backed it up.

Carrying a Torch

Justin was caring, supportive, and considerate. Plus, he listened to me when I went on my long rants about work. He was easy to talk to….

You are not his therapist....

He began accusing me, without accusing me. He became inconsistent and often moody.

He wanted a woman, but considered all women liars and cheaters. Justin was an eternal pessimist when it came to love.

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In his eyes, love was meant to hurt; and usually he tried to hurt others before they hurt him. Luckily I realized his faulty logic and dipped before I became another him.

8 Signs You Are With...

People often talk about double standards between genders. We might handle our baggage differently, but it all comes out in different ways. Justin came into my life lugging enough emotional baggage to take our relationship on a trip straight to break-up land.

Just like women with baggage, he had a lot of good traits, but they were overshadowed by emotional issues. Both men and women go through situations that can make them better or worse. Some learn to deal with them, others never do.

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