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I m nobody emily dickinson

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Are you nobody, too?

Then there's a pair of us -- don't tell! They'd banish -- you know!

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How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog To tell one's name the livelong day To an admiring bog! I remember this poem from my childhood, many years ago.

Sometimes, it seemed like just a silly little poem. Other times, it was a serious statement of how I felt at a particular time.

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All these years later, it's become a very pleasant memory. I regret making this poem Report Reply.

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My life story written in a great poem Report Reply. Beautiful poem Report Reply.

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It is nice to be famous or well known person This will forever be my favorite poem. We have come to a point where we dont realize the meaning of ourselves.

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All we do is just wonder of like lost souls but dont take the time to find meaning of life It is just beautiful Nobody's worth is not condemned to nothingness. And the identity of those who are known and popular is neither something upheld by the author.

Im nobody Who are you...

Pleased to read this. Though I would suggest she is speaking of busy-bodies, more so than just the local affluents.

Emily Dickinson's playful invitation to...

And this is certainly another example of Emily's timeless portrayal of this life, for I see these people everywhere today They simply have a need to be the center of attention This may be how she actually felt about herself at times.

She was such a recluse and wouldn't go out in public.

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It's not easy to be famous and it's not always a very exciting thing Fame is not always a very pleasant thing With being somebody comes responsibility, so I know well what she is triyng to say here.

Great poem this is; short but it says so much like most of her poems.

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