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Why do we still have monkeys

Pics Gallery Why do we still have monkeys.
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This is a question frequently posed by creationists—and quite often by perfectly rational people. It betrays a common misunderstanding of how evolution occurs.

In the huge evolutionary family-tree of all the species that have ever lived on earth, humans and modern-day monkeys are close, living cousins. The question seems to assume any new species must always replace its parent species. Presumably, the questioner is under the misapprehension either that: Neither of these assumptions is correct.

New species usually arise when a relatively small sub-population of an existing species becomes isolated from the rest of the species in some way, and diverges genetically from the parent population.

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Some creationists interrogate questions like that thinking they've made a real zinger you can't perchance answer , and that all of evolution thus falls apart.

Such inhabitants generally have spoonful interest in your answer, let solitarily in any straightforward discussion of the issue. Going on above the take the lead of those who genuinely believe they've outsmarted you before asking the ape question , respected major creationist institutions — including Acknowledgments in Genesis [5] and Creation Ministries International [6] — actually warn creationists against asking that question, explaining that the very problem itself is based on a boisterous misunderstanding of formation.

However, the assertion being made here isn't that straight questions are silly — the mystery could likewise be asked in all innocence by anyone mis- or unschooled about evolutionary theory. Causes of these gaps in the public understanding of evolution range from the subject itself being badly taught, to commonly misperceptions about it being actively perpetuated close creationists.

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If humans evolved...

If you're quite sure the creationist doesn't care about your answer, then feel free not to take the question seriously—although one does run the risk of cementing even more misunderstandings about evolution, as these do resemble the straw man answers often put forward by creationists to mock evolution. A species can split into two or more descendant species and they can split again and again across the generations.

Thus extinction and natural selection go hand in hand. These are useful, and in scientific taxonomy at least are based on real properties, but they're not real distinctions.

It nicely highlights how our definitions might be a little arbitrary when put next to reality, but this has little bearing on the misconceptions underpinning the fallacy. Use these social-bookmarking links to share If evolution is real why are there still monkeys?

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How come there are still monkeys?

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Would you date a psychologist? With all the 'monkeying around' that can go on in the playground or even in the office it seems we could easily be directly descended from. If I descended from my grandfather, why are my cousins still alive? Basically, chimps can be crudely viewed as “monkeys” in a similar manner in which snakes ..

  • If evolution is real why are there still monkeys? › Ask an Expert (ABC Science)
  • However, if we were to classify "most evolved" as meaning "most able to live in trees" then the pinnacle of evolution would be held by monkeys. The question doesn't make any sense: why shouldn't my cousins still be alive? In which case, not only did we humans evolve from monkeys, but we still are.
  • This also means that the current generation can still interbreed with the most recent . However we would be more closely 'related' to apes, than monkeys.
  • We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you are an ape. Both we and chimps evolved from a common ancestor (which explains why our DNA is If our genes evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?.
Why do we still have monkeys

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