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Pregnant from hotel sperm

Sexy Photo Pregnant from hotel sperm.
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She was adamant that her daughter did not have sex during their stay. Let us show you, scientifically, why this is really not possible at all.

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Sperm cells are actually quite delicate. They are easily destroyed or damaged by changes in pH, temperature, chemicals, exposure, etc. For most of the journey, they are helped in the right direction by uterine contraction.

She alleged that her year...

Sperm cells cannot pass through solid matter like Kitty Pryde. Physical barriers will prevent them from impregnating any eggs in the immediate neighbourhood.

Swimming pools are hostile environments.

In other words, there is no way for any sperm cell in a swimming pool to get through two physical barriers and survive a chemical barrier. Of course, this is a best case scenario.

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Hello there I just want Pregnant from hotel sperm say that I have ejaculated in a swimming pool before. And I heard from someone that I could get as many as 15 girls pregnant.

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