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Brian loved to fuck his wife Sandy in the ass. He much preferred it to vaginal sex. He had always enjoyed anal sex.

He remembered Literotica butt fucked when he was twenty; he use to bully his eighteen and Literotica butt fucked year old brothers into letting him fuck them in the ass. His wife Sandy preferred vaginal sex but could hardly feel Brian's four inch, pencil-dicked cock in her cunt.

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At least she could feel it in her ass which was Literotica butt fucked consolation. Brian was not what you would call Literotica butt fucked considerate lover. He would butt fuck his wife without foreplay, cum as quickly as possible, usually in about two or three minutes and then roll over and go to sleep, completely ignoring her needs.

Sandy had resigned herself to this and usually masturbated to relieve herself while Brian slept obliviously beside her.

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She was Literotica butt fucked virgin when they married seven years ago and had no idea what she was missing. She would often wonder what her girlfriends were talking about when they would discuss their sexual escapades.

She would just lie and tell her friends everything was fine with her sex life. One evening during a girl's night out at one of her girlfriend's house, her friend put Literotica butt fucked porno movie on the big screen and the three girls sat back to enjoy the movie. Sandy's jaw hit the floor when she saw the huge cock on the black porn star. She couldn't believe the size and stamina which he exhibited while giving the beautiful white porn star multiple orgasms.

She looked over and noticed her girlfriend had inserted a large dildo into her cunt and was plowing herself ruthlessly while watching the couple fuck on the big screen TV. Sandy felt a little embarrassed and amazed that her friend could accommodate such a large phallus and the loud moans and groans she made Literotica butt fucked she came. She had never had an orgasm like that! Feeling somewhat shocked and more than a little self conscience, Sandy excused herself and went home to contemplate the evening's events.

Literotica butt fucked she thought about what her friend had Literotica butt fucked and shown her and remembered the porn movie, she could feel the anger rising up inside her.

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