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Ass bad butt rating

Porn FuckBook Ass bad butt rating.

What these plastic surgeons did was transfer the fat of over 15, women.

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They Ass bad butt rating it from their bellies, packed it, and re-located it to the women's butts, which must be like the plastic surgeon version of Texas, where taxes are low and jobs are plentiful. Accompanying those fat transfers in that same year were over 4, butt lifts and over 2, butt implants, and the number is likely much higher now.

On the surface this practice seems benign, perhaps even great for males who appreciate a curvy bottom, but a large percentage of these women aren't just buffing out their butts a bit; they're having them enhanced to gargantuan, monstrous proportions.

They're not symmetrical, they're not proportionate, and they sure as hell ain't functional. Countless females around the country have grown up with that thing in their faces, noticed how much attention it got, and have perversely wanted to have one of their own, too, whether by surgical intervention, marathon workout sessions geared solely Ass bad butt rating butt development, adopting fashion styles that accentuate size over substance, or worse, freeing it from dietary restraint and letting it grow unfettered, all so they can be like Kim.

This big-behind mania is reminiscent of what happened after the release of the Disney movie, Dalmatians.

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