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Ebony wood suppliers uk

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Bymattcan - Tue May 12, Tue May 12, I am trying to find out where I can buy Ebony wood blanks in UK? I am hoping to get blanks a couple of inches Ebony wood suppliers uk and maybe 24" long Thanks in advance, Matt.

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Random Orbital Bob Rank: Sun Feb Ebony wood suppliers uk, 7: I picked up some from a place in Lincoln about a year ago but I'll be damned if I can remember the name.

Also, my blanks were already cut to neck thickness ie Ebony wood suppliers uk over half inch so not what you want. Wood turning suppliers also worth a try and one that springs to mind is John Davis woodturning in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

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ByCynicalFox - Tue May 12, Sat Nov 12, 2: Bywilliams - Tue May 12, Tue Nov 23, 7: Bycustard - Tue May 12, Wed Aug 20, 3: They're brittle, tear out as soon as you look at them, hard on your tools, and you have to be really careful that the dust doesn't get into the grain of Ebony wood suppliers uk other paler wood you're using. African Blackwood might be a better alternative, it still needs wiping with Acetone or Meths before gluing, and it's still not an easy wood to work with, but it's noticeably easier Ebony wood suppliers uk the other two.

Also I get the sense that the quality of African Ebony that's available today has gone right down in recent years, so you may well find that African Blackwood is actually blacker than the Ebony you can source.

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By the way, ebonising a tight grained wood like cherry or pear with a couple of applications of aniline dye gives something remarkably close to the very best ebony of old at a fraction of the price, and both those woods are a dream to work with!

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