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Hi friends, I am Tony. I like Foreigner seeking filipina share this clip with you guys about one friend. Bena, who lives in Manila Philippines. Bena likes to ask some questions Foreigner seeking filipina life in America, such as how to search and get married with a Western man, and some other stuffs like driver license, jobs, and so on.

How is Manila tonight?

I am Tony, good to see you tonight. I watched some of your clips on Youtube, that talk about Pinoy and Western men, life in the Foreigner seeking filipina, so I like to ask you some questions about that.

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Thank you very much! I wrote some articles on my website as well as created some clips on Youtube to share my experience about life in the US for those Filipinas Foreigner seeking filipina Western men get know of. How a Filipina Foreigner seeking filipina can find a Western man and vice versa?

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Thank you for watching my video clips. If anyone send you messages about winning lottery or any big gifts, and Foreigner seeking filipina you to pay Foreigner seeking filipina fee to receive it, then you should not believe it. I think this is the internet scams. According to our culture, most of Foreigner seeking filipina getting married is like to enter a gambling of life. When they get married and have lived with each other for some time, then they know if they are lucky or not, which depends on the husband.

If she is lucky to get married with a good man, then her life is happy, joyful with laughs. On the other hand, if she get married with a bad husband, then her life is as miserable as hell, that filled with tears. As I have seen most of Filipinas got married with men in the West and migrated over here, they made better life.

I mean, they can work and make good money in the West. I think inthe Western countries like Canada, Australia and the US are still considered the land of opportunities.

Bena, can you please introduce yourself to the audiences? I am Foreigner seeking filipina hairstylist. I am 22 years old. You live in Manilla huh? I used to live in Manila too.

Do you think I am beautiful, Tony? They are absolutely right about that. You are pretty and sexy. Do you have any question for me? I have been developing and maintaining an Asiandatenet.

There are some ways to make friend with a Pinoy or a Western man.