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Indeed history provides the source of knowing what happened in the past in Fiji muslim to fully understand and appreciate the present. According to the famous historian A.

The Fiji Muslim League has...

All historians agree that history is an integral part of the social fabric of any society or organisation. The views expressed in this article are Fiji muslim of the author and not FML. Ahmed Ali may be contacted through FML. Muslim settlement in Fiji derives from the indenture system which between and brought 60, labourers from India, of whom Muslims constituted They came under girmit, a five year contract which deprived them of their human rights and brutalized them for the profits of Fiji muslim employer.

The labourers emigrated to Fiji to escape the oppressive social and economic conditions of India.

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They were encouraged to come and remain in Fiji by the British colonial rulers of Fiji and India. The apprehensions and Fiji muslim of Fijian chiefs regarding the influx Fiji muslim Indian labourers were brushed Fiji muslim to accommodate the demands of imperialist Fiji muslim. In a situation where the labourers were overworked, women sexually abused, and violence was the British rule of law, Muslims clung to Islam; and even transmitted it to their children born in Fiji.

In this remarkable achievement, Muslim women played a courageous and indispensable role, even though the evils of girmit assaulted their moral integrity most of all.

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It was the fortitude provided by their Islamic faith that enabled Muslims to survive the horrendous sufferings and injustices Fiji muslim girmit. From onwards, many who had completed girmit and remained in Fiji, formed Fiji muslim own Muslim communities in different parts of Fiji. They tended to be small, often isolated, Fiji muslim Muslims always remained a tiny minority but recognizing the need for contact Fiji muslim cooperation among themselves for social and religious enhancement.

There were from the beginning Muslims who were literate and sufficiently versed in Islam to assume leadership roles, including in such fundamental matters as leading prayers.

Islam is a faith that can be transmitted and preserved through oral instruction, through memorizing mandatory prayers and verses Fiji muslim the Holy Quran. Obligations can be fulfilled without public display. Fiji muslim gatherings, Fiji muslim in homes, helped foster an Islamic identity and inculcated a sense of unity. By Muslims in Navua were Fiji muslim cattle to celebrate Baqr Eid, and Fiji muslim mosque was there by Islam is a faith that emphasizes community participation and the need to pursue community goals saw the emergence of community organizations.

In Lautoka the Isha Ithul Islam emerged and in was directing its efforts towards building a mosque there. By there were about Muslims in Fiji, a third of them still indentured, Around Suva there were only about 70 Muslims, without a school or a mosque. But Fiji muslim in the capital city steadily grew, and Suva in saw the Anjuman-e-Islam, the forerunner of the Fiji Muslim League, meeting frequently in Toorak to advance the interests of the small Muslim community in the capital.

Among those who attended the meeting on 31 October at the Jame Fiji muslim in Toorak to establish what became the Fiji Muslim League were: Moulvi Rasul Buksh represented the Nausori-Rewa area. They came from all walks of life, workers as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, several Fiji-born among them, all of them of independent means and minds determined to secure Fiji muslim for Muslims and Islam in Fiji.

The industrial strikes of and had isolated those who came from India and heightened Fijian and European antagonism towards them. There was also emerging communal militancy among Indians inspired by visitors from India and events there; making the small Muslim community apprehensive and more conscious of its Islamic distinctness.

Muslims felt a need for a voice of their own, articulating their specific concerns and aspirations, hence their Muslim League, patterned on the sub-continent original. Fiji muslim, the Fiji Muslim League through its branches, twenty-six of them of varying sizes, owns and manages seventeen primary and five secondary schools plus a tertiary institution Islamic Institute of the South Pacific.

The Fiji Muslim League accepts as students and staff members of all ethnic groups domiciled in Fiji. Fiji muslim

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Fiji muslim It does nevertheless ensure the special Islamic character of its educational institutions. In its student population was: Its schools are well patronized by Muslim students and generally their academic performance is of the highest standard. Increasing numbers are enrolling in tertiary institutions locally and abroad.

There is a steady stream of Muslim diploma and graduate holders, some through scholarships, most through the sacrifices and efforts of their families. Muslim parents Fiji muslim a very high premium in seeking secondary and tertiary education for their sons and increasingly for their daughters.

Most of the latter in recent times have been allocated for training Muslim female doctors; some have qualified and Fiji muslim working in Fiji. The demands for assistance for tertiary studies are greater than the resources of the FML permit.

Emigration is reducing the proportion of Muslims in our schools while that of others is increasing.

Similarly, the FML is losing its members, especially young professionals who are leaving Fiji for greener pastures elsewhere. Besides education, the Fiji Muslim League from its outset Fiji muslim attempted to assist in satisfying all the social needs of Muslims. Currently its involvement in social welfare is both at national and branch levels. In times of natural disasters or turmoil the Fiji Muslim League Fiji muslim helps Muslims whose homes and lives are disrupted.

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Its charity keeps many families clothed, fed and even housed, and Muslim children in school. The Fiji Muslim League has always been active in Fiji muslim all aspects of Muslim life. Various Fiji muslim in the s and memoranda and letters since then to government bear testimony of its dedication. Though not a political organization, the FML speaks on political issues affecting Muslims.