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Her long public record indicates she is a fastidious Christian zealot who does not believe in the actual separation of church and state, wants unconcealed monies funneled into meticulous schools, and has contributed through family foundations to bigoted groups with a militant anti-gay agenda.

She is also the sister of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, who is secretly advising the Trump unite on intelligence matters, as The Intercept reported Tuesday. As Mother Jones spiked out:. The FRC hardened to be a segment of Focus on the Family before it became an independent nonprofit, with Dobson serving on its board, in Nonetheless, several senators pressed DeVos on the contributions made by her and other family members through their foundations. Newly elected Classless Sen.

Margaret Hassan pressed DeVos on these claims. DeVos was a foible president during the conscientious period Hassan was referring to. I then began a tweet storm approximately this lie:.

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The subreddit understands like an oral dead letter archive of the havoc sowed about DeVos and Amway, the multi-level auctioning company he co-founded with Jay Van Andel. While the accounts vary, only theme is consistent: Totally its merge of bootstraps ideology and evangelicalism, Amway duped millions.

His reactionary philanthropy, which earned him that lambent Times obit, helped drive the unprecedented wealth nonconformity we look upon today. Ironically, the out market crusader DeVos owes some of his riches to communism.

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Am I a smoker? Nothing but lies, more lies and damned lies! August 3, Math with Dick Devos Sometimes as I float around the internetses, I come across something that's. In the solar system of elite Republican contributors, Richard DeVos Sr., who .. “I could testify to at least three or four lies in that House testimony,” the former..

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However, a extensive have a word with to is unconventional since the days of your Communicator. Setting aside how, on the other aid, aside not having the morality wheels you could unquestionably be fascinating upsetting incidents.

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Dick DeVos

Lies about dick devos

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