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Time in juneau alaska right now

Porn Galleries Time in juneau alaska right now.
Current local time in Juneau,...

The clock time in this zone is based on mean solar time at the th meridian west of the Greenwich Observatory. The zone includes nearly all of the U.

The western Aleutian Islands observe Hawaii—Aleutian Timeone hour behind the remainder of the state. Two time zones have been referred to as the "Alaska Time Zone": For example, on June 12 at noon AKDT, the solar time at the extreme westerly points of the Alaskan time zone will be only 8: Very few people notice this, Time in juneau alaska right now, as these locations are virtually uninhabited, and for the very few people who do live there, the long days in the summer and short days in the winter make the sunrise and sunset times less important than areas closer to the equator.

In Anchorage, visitors from more southerly latitudes are often Time in juneau alaska right now to see the sun set at Some local residents refer to this phenomenon as "double daylight time". Even without daylight saving time, another anomaly is that on the winter solstice in Nomethe sunrise is after "noon" clock time, at The territory of the state of Alaska spans almost as much longitude as the contiguous United States Alaska would "naturally" fall into four time zones, but political and logistical considerations have led to the use of two, leading to the distortions mentioned above.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the time zone with daylight change in North America. Designation of zone standard times". Archived from the original on Retrieved 9 January Time zones in North America.