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How to not let a conversation die

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Are we now doomed to boring conversations? This works great because it creates continuity in the conversation and makes it seem like flowing naturally. We use this technique all the time to change subjects when we talk to people, but very rarely we do it consciously.

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And because we rarely do it consciously we forget about it in situation where it could be really helpful. This technique is also a great way to lead conversations to a desired subject.

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Personally, any time I think of an interesting topic, I hear a story, a joke or I come up with a question for her — I write it down in a notebook, and when I talk to her on Skype or phone I keep the notebook somewhere close to me, in case a dreadful awkward silence somehow kicks in. So, I strongly encourage you to make a mind list or even put on paper some topic ideas that you plan on discussing with your girlfriend and save yourself the stress and frustration of coming up with creative ideas on the spot.

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I find myself using this question a lot when I feel like the conversation is dying. And I do that for three reasons: You can also allow the silence to kick in and then just make fun of it…. It could be her hair, her face, her clothes, her accessories, her room etc.