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A screenshot showing flexible privacy settings for profiles in the Google Maps app. Whether you review Google view profile shops or add information about health clinics, sharing your local knowledge on Google Maps helps others Google view profile where to go in your city. The info you post is listed in Your contributions so people who land on your profile can see your expertise and impact.

For those who feel like that reveals too much, you now have the option to update your profile settings. Please note that each contribution is still visible on the relevant place page that appears on Google Maps. You must be a registered user to add a Google view profile. If you've already registered, sign in. Otherwise, register and sign in. Thanks for sharing this new feature in Google Maps, kmajewski.

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Just like a lot of businesses have no clue about claiming their business, a lot of local guides have no clue that Google view profile they publish can be seen by everyone clicking on their profile. Very useful settings, recently I read a news, that a shop owner traveled as for as to catch the negative reviwer to take revenge.

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That's a wonderful step towards privacy, I hope Google will introduce content based privacy in near future as well. I have to done. Thanks google map team for Google view profile new feature.

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Given what is currently going on with personal social media accounts, it is nice to know there are now ways to provide some privacy to your Google Maps profile. Thanks Google view profile this news.

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I'm hoping that Google view profile won't throw a major spanner in the works especially when it comes to researching and doing a bit of recon work. I'm hoping this would able to be circumvented Google view profile the reviewer team, or we might see less reports!

It's always nice to see how someone Google view profile posts lots of pictures does so and where they go, so I'm hoping everyone doesn't hide their profile.

But I wouldn't think that most people would have a privacy problem. I don't see any need for this privacy kmajewski.

Because that is what make reviews to be fun Google view profile allowing people see how you experience a place without prejudice. But actually it is a welcome development for individuals that really need it for many other reasons.

Thanks for sharing this great feture with us. Anyhow I have found a small glitch in this new update please free to read my feedback post about it.

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Thank you so much for more new function of Local Guides' profile. Google take care more about Local Guides' privacy. Meaning some reviews can have our names and some we could choose to be anonymous? This can be dangerous because in the name of privacy a business can be ruined with untruthful vias by competitors, by a disgruntled employee, or prankster and the business will have no Google view profile. It is great that every Local Guide now has an opportunity to make his or her own choise whether to keep the contributions public or not!

Personally I have never felt comfortable Google view profile that my colleagues and friends follow me on Maps. Privacy is a perfect, but should be a difference between real privacy, and hiding of person's public activities. Before it was a door open for spammers, because nobody see what edits they do. Now we opened not a door, but a gate. So from now we unavailable to do it. Is it says "we win", - no more cheaters and prankers?

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No, from now we just can't catch them. For now, users can do whatever they want, nobody cares, and moreover from now, Google view profile activities can be invisible. But still the profile status with respective counts Google view profile visible to public when clicked on Profile Header section, wish to have ability to hide this as well. It will help the local guides who are more introvertuc in terms of privacy and the feeling about the public. Thank you so much for this tip.

I just started two days ago. I wrote so many reviews that I had incidents that I have been Ddosed or sent spyware within my home. Luckily I was able to secure my system since, I graduated with CS degree at the age of Google view profile Plus I have friends whom works with the Google view profile and justice department.

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This is for sure one of the best updates for some of us, me especially I was a bit uncomfortable with the fact that everyone was able to see all my contributions. I think little control is a good thing.

It's really a wonderful feature I personally like this option as I agree some privacy choice shall lie with the users Announcements Flexible privacy settings for your Google Maps pro Flexible privacy settings for your Google Google view profile profile.

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