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Calling himself The Wild I-tralian[1] he was one of the original "screamers," known for his screaming delivery as well as his wild antics on the air and off. Thanks a million for dialing our way.

Besides being among the first to play Elvis PresleyJerry Lee LewisGene Vincentand other early rhythm and blues artists, he was also able to meet them. The early Rock and Roll era meant "record hops" where disc jockeys would make personal appearances at local schools and clubs; they often included appearances by the artists whose records were being played.

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SinceBiondi has been a mainstay on Columbia college dick biondi stations in the city where he first earned his reputation, Chicago. Biondi is an inductee of the National Radio Hall of Fame. It was here where he became Columbia college dick biondi with Rhythm and blues. At a Cleveland Elvis Presley concert, Dick was able to get Elvis to sign the shirt he was wearing; when he returned to the crowd, Presley's frenzied female fans started tearing away at it.

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Biondi wound up Columbia college dick biondi a local hospital, much to the amusement of Elvis. Someone did as Biondi asked and he was fired the next day. Biondi and colleague Bob Hale made the media and music rounds.

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After their first big day as the representatives of the new WLS, they returned to the station that evening to begin asking for and taking collect phone calls from any point in the US. Calls came in from across the country as well as from a couple of ships at sea. Biondi's playing a record on his show gave it maximum exposure to a very large listening audience; he was the most popular night time DJ in the Midwest.

Rumors and urban legends still persist that Biondi told an obscene joke on the air which resulted Columbia college dick biondi his being fired.

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Dick Biondi and Friend was an interview program featuring then current popular music stars. There was also the weekly "Vietnam Show" that allowed listeners to send greetings to family and friends Columbia college dick biondi overseas; copies went to Armed Forces Radio Network.

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He did an ongoing feature show called, Where Are They Now? Dick was the subject of a Where Are They Now?

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Central Time formerly from 7 p. In Novemberhis show was moved to Columbia college dick biondi mornings. In MayBiondi released a statement declaring his intention to return to air after reportedly recovering from a leg ailment for which he was hospitalized.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Something in the air: Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 29 September Archived from the original on 27 July Retrieved Columbia college dick biondi September Retrieved 20 April Archived from the original on 12 August Retrieved 11 April Rolling on the River: The Best of Steve Neal. Southern Illinois University Press.

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