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The angst-ridden Sex girl co of these conversations would make you think that school choice is one of the most important decisions a parent is ever going to make for their child. Check the latest research, sure, but don't forget to consult and really consider your child when deciding on single sex versus co-ed schooling.

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But how well do these facts stand up to scrutiny? Sex girl co who attend well-resourced schools tend to do better academically than kids at poorer schools, unfair as that may be.

As most single-sex schools in Australia are private Sex girl co or select-entry schools, the benefits may have more to do with the socio-economic backgrounds of the kids, rather than the gender make-up. Yet the Sex girl co factor is most often brought up by parents in terms of gender exclusivity, fuelling anxiety about school choice.

But the evidence is hardly compelling. How lasting the effects of single-sex schooling are is a theme that comes up in other research.

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Dr Katherine Dix Sex girl co the Australian Council of Education Research compared NAPLAN literacy and numeracy results for boys, girls and co-educational schools at years 3, 5 and 7 and found that while students attending single-sex schools start out strong, the benefits declined over time.

In Year 3, for example, students at all-girls schools start out 7. But by Grade 7, girls at all-girls schools are only 1.

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Similar results apply to numeracy. Students in Grade 3 at an all-boys school start out 4.

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But by Grade 7, the boys from single-sex schools are only 2. Schools, however, do more than provide academic outcomes.

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And when it comes to single sex schools, that includes a strong Sex girl co to parents about how the school will inculcate gender identity. Single sex school marketing often includes statements about the type of young men and young women schools will produce. Single sex schools are still more prone to project "traditional feminine" or "traditional masculine" gender roles than co-ed schools.

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