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How did jillian michaels and heidi rhoades meet

Nude gallery How did jillian michaels and heidi rhoades meet.
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Celebrity adoption stories often serve as wonderful examples on the beauty and reality of adopting. While all families deserve the same level of privacy, celebrities who have come forward to speak specifically about adoption offer inspiration for many who are considering starting the process themselves.

Recently, celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels...

Recently, celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels and her partner Heidi Rhodes have spoken about their own personal adoption journey, underlining the joy, triumph, and tribulations that still exist — especially for LGBTQ parents. As with so many adoptive parents, Jillian and Heidi experienced their share of discouragement during the process.

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They had visited orphanages in Haiti where they met a little girl who stole their hearts. At this point, they had sent in all of their paperwork, but were caught in a frustrating limbo and the wait began to eat away at their hope.

The emotions she expressed to Access Hollywood are all too familiar for so many parents playing the same waiting game. Fearing adoption failure, they began to explore other avenues to parenthood.

The day they discovered that Heidi was pregnant, they were informed that they had been matched with the little girl they fell in love with.

Jillian Michaels, our January guest...

Once the match was confirmed, they knew it could take as long as a year to fly her home, but they had no idea just how coincidental the timing would actually be. In a twist of incredible irony, their son Pheonix was born a mere 72 hours before Jillian had to get on a flight to Haiti to bring home their daughter, Lukensia.

In a matter of days they had not one, but two beautiful blessings in their lives. With all the love and excitement, Jillian has made it clear that even a celebrity adoption story can be more reality than fairytale.

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It was really, really hard. Both Jillian and Heidi were just taking that frightening crash-course in parenting that all new parents go through.