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Serendipity erotic stories

Sexy xXx Base pix Serendipity erotic stories.

Serendipity erotic stories Serendipity by Tawny T. A brownout at school had let us out two hours early and I just wanted to relax now. As I moved down the hall, I heard the water running in the bath.

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The bathroom Serendipity erotic stories was open as Beth, my roommate didn't expect me home at this hour As I got almost to the door, I heard a low moan. I heard it Serendipity erotic stories.

That was a moan of pleasure, not pain. I put my books on the floor and moved Serendipity erotic stories to the door and peeped around the corner.

My eyes went wide. Beth lay gloriously nude in the Serendipity erotic stories. Her eyes were closed and her thighs spread wide. Her feet were on either side of the tub and a warm stream of water was running from the faucet down directly onto her spread pussy.

Her full breasts jiggled delightfully as she twisted a little. One hand pulled at her nipples, alternating from one to the other. They were erect and jutting up, engorged. Her other hand held her pussy lips wide letting the water flow magically onto her clit. Her hips moved from side to side slightly as the water flowed over and caressed her clit.

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I had heard of this, but had never used this Serendipity erotic stories. I liked vibrators and my fingers. Beth certainly seemed to be enjoying the flowing water hitting her clit.

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I knew she masturbated, as I had heard her soft moans late at night when Serendipity erotic stories thought I was asleep. Our rooms are across the hall from each other and we seldom close the doors. She might have heard me too. Now I watched fascinated as her passions rose higher and higher.

Her moans became more urgent. My Serendipity erotic stories pussy tingled, and I could almost feel my clit swell as I watched the erotic vision before me. God, her body was lovely. Her long legs stretched and twisted, Serendipity erotic stories beautiful rounded belly moved up and down.

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As she moved, I Serendipity erotic stories she had shaved almost all the pubic hair off except for a small triangle of short brown Serendipity erotic stories pointing down. Her fingers held herself open to the water that was exciting her exposed clit.

From time to time I caught a glimpse of the pink turgid member peeping out. With out thinking my hand moved down under my skirt, and into my panties.

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Not surprising, my own pussy was wet. I Serendipity erotic stories a finger between the lips and up into my drenched opening.

I suppressed a moan.

My now wet finger slid upward to lightly stroke my clit. I almost jumped it was so sensitive.

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As I watched Beth, I ran my finger around and around my aching swollen clit. I stripped my panties down, my skirt held up with my other hand. I had wondered what it would be like to make Serendipity erotic stories to another woman. When I was very young, a playmate and I looked and briefly touched each others privates.

As I grew older, I wondered what it would be like to make love with someone who would know how a woman wanted to be caressed and kissed. My fingers moved Serendipity erotic stories and faster as Beth's climax seemed nearer and nearer.

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Her breathing came fast, her body writhed as she reached for the elusive climax. Her moans echoed in the room. Her eyes were closed tightly, an intense look on her face.

My climax came suddenly and intensely, so Serendipity erotic stories I could not stifle a loud sob of ecstasy. There I stood in the hall, legs spread, skirt up, my fingers buried in my pussy, fingers a blur of motion. Beth's eyes popped open, her head turned and Serendipity erotic stories in my body. Her eyes went from my face to my pussy, my blurred fingers stroking my clit. With a loud cry of passion she too came, her eyes never leaving my exposed sex.

Amazingly I had a second and more powerful climax right on the heels of the first.

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I almost fainted from the intense passion and intensity of it. I sank to the floor, legs Serendipity erotic stories, spent and panting. Beth sat up in the tub. She was blushing prettily. I imagined I was flushed also. She laughed, recovering quickly. I wasn't expecting you for another couple of hours - obviously. Well, I take it watching me excited you? It Serendipity erotic stories just so unexpected, and well, frankly so erotic. Seeing you Serendipity erotic stories getting off made me really hot too.

I realized she could see my bare pussy, still wet and probably gaping from my excitement. Her eyes moved down. I didn't realize you shaved it so closely. Here I sat, exposed, telling her how lovely her pussy was. I relaxed and let my thighs spread a little wider. I shook my head. It's so different from a man. It's so soft, and usually there's no hurry. Her body gleamed wetly, a goddess. You don't have to if you don't want to. It won't change our friendship either way.

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We can still be good friends. I was disappointed as the towel hid parts of her body.

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Here, you dry me of. I stood up and took it. Slowly I toweled her lovely body off. She turned toward me, lifted one leg onto the tub and nodded for me to dry her pubic area.

I reached out and patted her pussy, then rubbed Serendipity erotic stories towel up and down softly, slowly. Her Serendipity erotic stories thrust forward sensually meeting my hand. She turned and bent forward, I stooped and dried between the globes of her lovely ass.

I saw the slight brown of her anus, and lower, the beautiful slit of her pussy, so clean, so neat. She took the towel from my hand and dropped it to the floor and stepped close. Her body smelled of soap, lightly Serendipity erotic stories. She pulled me up to her, and her hot body burned through my clothes.

We kissed, softly and so tenderly my heart melted. Her tongue slid out and my lips parted to let it inside. My knees went so weak, I almost fell. Her arms tightened, holding me close and keeping me from falling to the Serendipity erotic stories. I think you need to lay down.

We'll be more comfortable than standing in the john. I looked back, and my books were still piled in the hall, my panties a pool of pastel. We went into her room, smelling faintly of her perfume. We stopped by Serendipity erotic stories bed and she caught my blouse and pulled it over my head in one motion. My hands went to my skirt and unfastened it, letting it drop to the floor. I stood naked except for my bra.

She pulled me close, kissed me softly again, and her nimble fingers unfastened my bra. My breasts settled slightly. They felt full and heavy.

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Serendipity erotic stories Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me. LEGALESE: Don't read this if you are. The Best Erotic Stories. Brownout Serendipity by Tawny T. ©. So erotic. "Would you like to try it with me? You don't have to if you don't want to. It won't change. Score Story. -Score- 5- Tags: straight sex, serendipity, exhibitionism, oral.

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