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Heavily inspired by the films of John Hughesthe show centered around the spokespersons from each of the archetypal cliques: In spite of its achingly outdated even for the time '80s fashions and lingo, it remains the archetype of the TV High Schoolto the point where it is widely theorized that the Saved by the bell hustler Saved by the Bell universe is contained within Bayside High, and that Zack is, in fact, God. The show began life as a Hayley Mills vehicle titled Good Morning, Miss Blisswhich centered around a junior high school teacher named Miss Bliss as she Saved by the bell hustler with her quirky students, among them Zack Morris.

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It Saved by the bell hustler not a success, but the series found its way back to NBC and was given a drastic retool: Belding made the transition. The name of the school also changed from John F. Saved by the bell hustler Junior High to Bayside High, but this is possibly less of a mystery than the school's unexplained move from Indiana to California. The new show, now titled Saved by the Bellwas led by Zack and it is this version that is the one most viewers are familiar with.

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Powered by the Law of Disproportionate Response: Though they began and ended as friends, the Bayside Six Saved by the bell hustler a rigidly-enforced pecking order in which Zack lurked somewhere near the bottom, with only the Renfield-like Screech imprisoned in a locker at least once per episode to boss around.

Most episodes revolved around a zany scheme hatched by Zack Mark-Paul Gosselaar with 1 of 3 objectives:.

Without fail, Screech Dustin Diamond would spoil the plan while attempting to help.

Slater Mario Lopez also had his eye on Kelly, leading to a tug-of-war between them as "Preppy" tried and failed to discover Slater's nonexistent weakness and break his seduction spell on the school. Slater would repeatedly win Kelly with little to no Saved by the bell hustlerbut would later hook up with the armchair activist Jessie Spano Elizabeth Berkley.

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Lisa Lark Voorhies rounded out the cast as the token minority and debutante who acquired an unwanted admirer in poor Screech. Dennis Haskins, as Principal Richard Belding, ended up playing his role longer than anyone else associated with the show — though he and Vice Principal Screech would form Saved by the bell hustler double-act in The New Class.

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The show is quite campwith a high level of rewatchability, though not without its finger-wagging moralizing which one could argue is part of the joke. The most infamous "message" episode involved Elizabeth Berkley having a conniption as a result of a caffeine addiction.

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Her ensuing rant has become legendary among fans and non-fans alike, and belongs in a gallery of television's greatest narm moments. Unfortunately, it failed to attract an audience and ended after one season, though it did lead to a television movie that finally saw high school sweethearts Zack and Kelly get married. Ultimately, Saved by the bell hustler producers' attempt to cater to both younger fans of the original series and older primetime viewers proved unsuccessful as both demographics felt alienated by the series: The show was too hokey for older viewers and younger fans were turned off by the show's focus on relationship drama instead of wacky schemes.

Launched at the same time as The College YearsThe New Class might be classified as more Saved by the bell hustler a Spin-Off than a continuation; with one exception, the entire old main cast had left and were replaced with new students. In Saved by the bell hustler, The New Class featured an alarmingly high cast turnover during its run. Belding and later Screech were the only constants.

Amazingly, despite its lack of memorable characters, at least compared to the original cast, it was the longest lasting incarnation of the series mainly because it was the anchor of an entire Saturday morning block of Saved by the Bell clones. Now has a character sheet.

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For the trope described by the "saved by the bell" phrase, see Just in Time or one of its variants. The series soon became a worldwide phenomenon as Universalthe current owners Saved by the bell hustler the trademark, started doing a massive product brand revival of their 1 TV show in You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

We don't see Zack's discovery of a discarded brick-phone in a storm drain, or Screech being bitten by a radioactive dickhead, or a homeroom roll-call of each character, with voice-over exposition of their trademark traits and crushes.

And we don't need to, because it's unthinkable that a time could exist when Saved by the bell hustler, Slater and co. They went to Bayside, but we did too; all of us.

This is the opening credits...

Belding, the man who made me what I am today! Belding, we need to talk.

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Yeah, I know Ryan is good-looking, but I went to Valley with him, and he's always up to something. Beat I need more volume.

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Don't you see, Zack? I have to cheat! To save the college! That was pretty good. All I had was, my dad would yell at me. Campaign Manager, now what?

For my extracurricular activities, I'm not writing down "a big, fat loser". I mean besides me.

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