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When you bite your tongue what does it mean

XXX Video When you bite your tongue what does it mean.
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If you bite your tongue in speaking, the next statement would have been a lie. If you bite your tongue, someone is talking saying nasty thinks about you; so bite your sleeve to make them stop, but some say if you bite your tongue you'll soon kiss a fool.

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If you do not put your tongue into the place of a vacant tooth, a gold tooth will grow there. When you have an itch on your tongue, it means somebody is speaking ill of you. Then who ever is talking bad about you will bite their own tongue!

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Once you have left on a journey, if you have to return for something, look in a mirror and stick your tongue out before leaving again, or you will never finish your journey. According to a superstition in India, if you have 'black tongue' tiny black spots all over you tongueeverything you say will come true.

It might not happen immediately but it will happen!

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If you bite your tongue by accident, your grandmother or aunt is planning to bake you a cake. If the dime turns black, the person is said to be under a spell.

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If a person developed a blister on their tongue, it was a sure sign that they had told a lie. When you bite your tongue, someone just remembered you.

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