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Facial tracking software

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DeepFace can look at two photos, and irrespective of lighting or angle, can say with Humans can perform the same task with DeepFace is currently just a research project, but in the future it will likely be used to help with facial recognition on the Facebook website. Facial tracking software your face across the entirety of the web, and in real life, as you move from shop to shop, producing some very lucrative behavioral tracking data indeed.

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The DeepFace software, developed by the Facebook AI Facial tracking software group in Menlo Park, California, is underpinned by an advanced deep learning neural network. A neural network, as you may already know, is a piece of software that simulates a very basic approximation of how real neurons work.

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Deep learning is one of many methods of performing machine learning; basically, it looks at a huge body of data for example, human faces and tries to develop a high-level abstraction of a human Facial tracking software by looking for recurring patterns cheeks, eyebrow, etc.

In this case, DeepFace consists of a bunch of neurons nine layers deep, and then a learning process that sees the creation of million connections synapses between those neurons, based on a corpus of four million photos of faces.

This is a very simplistic Facial tracking software of DeepFace and deep learning neural networks, but hopefully you get the idea. Anyway, the complexities of machine learning aside, the proof is very much in the eating: Humans, performing the same Facial tracking software test on the same set of photos, scored slightly higher at DeepFace could clearly be used to trawl through every photo on the internet, and link it back to your Facebook profile assuming your profile contains photos of your face, anyway.

What it chooses to do with that software, of course, remains a mystery.

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It will obviously eventually be used to shore up the existing facial recognition solution on Facebook. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

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