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How to know if you were hookup a narcissist

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Wendy has a specialty in treating narcissists and the people who live with and deal with them. Then, we also want to work to see if we can explore their psychological framework, which is how they see the world, how they see themselves in it, how they understand their craft and people in it.

Now, this conversation is with Wendy Behary. Wendy has a specialty in treating narcissists and the people who live and deal with them on a regular basis.

She is the author of Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed. Wendy dives into why so many elite performers have these tendencies and how we can be more effective with living and working with them. Wendy, how are you doing? Thank you for spending the time with us to talk about a concept that is relevant today in modern times and really relevant in the world that I spend a lot of time in, which is elite sport and elite performance.

Working as a clinician many years ago, a psychotherapist, I found myself meeting individuals who could push my buttons like no other. These were basically people who when I was in their presence, something about their responses, their reactions, their style would have me finding myself as if in a time warp state where I would be saying How to know if you were hookup a narcissist when I want to say no.

I just felt all of my own life themes getting reactivated and was really curious about this population, this particular population who could trigger me and I wanted to investigate it more thoroughly. Try to understand what happens inside of us when we are confronted with people with narcissism, and began to work alongside my mentor in developing an approach that could be effective at helping them and helping others who are dealing with them.

Is it a problem to the person or is it just a problem to people that they impact? Because we really do need others to be able to explore our potential. Is that close to how you would move it outside of a technical, psychological disorder, Mumbo Jumbo jargon, into something that is more applied? Part of the reason is because so much of their interest is focused on performance and success and achievement and outcome and being extraordinary and winning and competing in whatever game of life they are playing.

What are the ways and the tells that we can use to identify that? How can we better identify if we are in How to know if you were hookup a narcissist relationship with a narcissist?

It is that feeling that you are invisible. You are only seen in ways that you have value to meet their particular agenda, their goals. If they do, they barely How to know if you were hookup a narcissist to the answer. They are highly interruptive. They really seem to be operating on just their own agenda. Anything that they ask, it sounds like an invitation with interest.

Friends would see that you...

Where does that come from for the narcissist? Is it some sort of significant break in childhood or early experiences where they just completely unroot [from] what is a very natural experience, which is to be in relationship with others or is it bad wiring? What is your research led you to understand? The nature might be that How to know if you were hookup a narcissist little one comes into the world very sensitive or impulsive or possibly even aggressive, which are temperaments I think mostly apply to narcissists.

They have this kind of temperamental tendency. Meaning, they need more nurturing, affection, connection, empathy, attunement. Do you spend much time with elite athletes or elite performers? To what degree has this individual grown up in an environment where there was an adequate amount of experience in connecting with people?

I think it has to do with the issue of balance: On the world stage, there is something around there that is a bit off.

How to know if you were hookup a narcissist

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M om and dad drove me. He is going to do an amazing job at saving my life. God knows there are plenty of narcissists who have made outstanding contributions to the mental health How to know if you were hookup a narcissist. You have to have leverage. They rarely walk in voluntarily, and without treatment, change is probably impossible. There has to be something: And then the next element needed for change is they have to be working with someone who understands this very complicated personality because it is complicated.

I teach clinicians around the world how to develop their own sense of mastery in working with narcissism. The reason the rooms are packed is because it is one of the toughest groups to work with.

They can only change if the therapist is good at maintaining the leverage, if the therapist understands the complexities of narcissism. It requires leverage and it requires sensitivity to the nuances of the disorder itself. What are some of the steps that you found to be valuable in your approach? Is it what makes me lovable, acceptable, worthy as a human?

Is it what makes me feel fine? Or is it something that just is really a thrill? Is it also possible for me to just kind of wiggle my toes in the grass every now and then and be with a friend and have a conversation? Do I have a close intimate friend that I can be vulnerable with and open up and share my worries and my hurts and my doubts and my fears and my sadness?

The most glaring problems are...

Is there someone in my life that I can be honest and reveal myself to in that way without feeling weak? Do I always have to be tough and strong and in-charge and on top of things, in command?

How to get friends to like you

These are some of the questions that we put out there and they are just the simple ones that help people to take a look at themselves in the mirror. Narcissists typically feel that their work is their worth and however high their performance is is how high their value is as a human.

This is just the way I am. This is just the way I was built. Can you talk about the gender difference? Certainly, there can be a gender difference, but I would say you can also have someone who is clearly like your grandfather that shows no signs of narcissistic traits, can be reciprocal, can have conversations that are very give-and-take, and show interest in other people.

It could be socialization as a male, which also may contribute to that.

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