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Asian pears wholesale

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  • Fresh & Juicy Asian Pears (Homegrown)
  • Asian Pears - UC Small Farm Program
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  • Asian pears are a clear winner in areas with high populations of Asian and Hispanic . Operation Type: Broker, Exporter, Grower, Importer, Shipper, Wholesaler.
  • Asian Pear is the generic name for over 25 different varieties of this "true pear." Although the outside appearance of each Asian Pear may differ, all Asian Pears.
  • Asian pears @ Cummins Nursery

Asian pears comprise a large group of pears that are crisp in texture and, when mature, are good to eat as soon as harvested or for several months after picking if held in cold storage. This ready-to-eat feature may make them more acceptable to some people than European pears that are usually served when soft and juicy, which takes about a week to occur after removal from cold storage.

Asian pears do not change texture after picking or storage as do European pears such as Bartlett or Comice. Often Asian pears are called apple pears because they are crisp and juicy like apples but with a different and distinctive texture. Asian pears have been grown commercially in Asia for centuries. In Japan about , tons are grown and some fruit is exported to the United States in October and November. China and Korea also grow these pears for domestic consumption and export to the United States and Canada.

Older plantings are found in Placer and Sacramento Counties and limited new plantings are being made in the Sacramento Valley. It is roughly estimated that 4,, acres of Asian pears are planted in California, Oregon and Washington.

Most trees are just beginning production since most recent plantings started in

Asian pears wholesale

A brown to orange, russet-skinned early-midseason diversity with sugar peacefulness. White flesh; crisp; degree aromatic;butterscotch flavor. Moderately tough in some seasons. To a certain extent susceptible to fire blight;apparently resistant to pear scab and Alternaria black mote. Tree is precocious and productive. Fruit large to very populous, more pyriform than big end Asian varieties.

This is the the best-flavored of all the Asian pears! It is an betimes season, russet type with a exact globular give form to and yellow to brownish-yellow skin, heavily russeted.

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Picking Asian Pears

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Asian Pears

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Am I keeping his hopes up 4 months later? UC Small Farm Program - Asian Pears. pound wholesale and thus stimulated new plantings of Asian pears in California beginning in Wholesale Freeze Dried Asian Pear Fruit Crisps. Made with fresh Asian Pears picked at the peak of ripeness, then freeze dried to create a delicious Asian Pear ..

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Future consumers are Caucasians who want to eat crisp, sweet pears that do not get soft and can be eaten as soon as picked or purchased at the supermarket. A flat, yellow-green, medium-sized fruit with excellent flavor but a reputation for having tender skin.

It is an early season, russet type with a round globular shape and yellow to brownish-yellow skin, heavily russeted.

Fruit large to very large, more pyriform than most Asian varieties. Notably Niitaka is pollen-sterile; Kikusui does not pollinate 20th Century; Seigyoku and Ishiiwase are poor pollenizers.

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