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We booked a night away for valentine's which was a package that includes champagne balloons dinner and breakfast in a suite sounds nice right. Dear Guest, We are terribly Erotic cape code hotel motel to hear about your negative experience. We were quite busy this past weekend, and unfortunately the staff became a little bit behind in setting up the packages in the rooms.

My understanding about dinner was that it did not meet your satisfaction, but the chef prepared two more dishes that were served to satisfaction.

Thank you for Erotic cape code hotel motel stay, and we hope to serve you again. When we informed the manager he blamed us for bringing in the cockroach, then went to the room and framed a situation in which he said we were fighting and damaged the room.

I've never been so disrespected in my life. He's obviously use to dealing with trashy guests.

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Also, the hot tub was broken upon arrival along with the closest ice machine. And the first floor smelled strongly of marijuana in a non smoking section. Dear guest, We apologize for your unsatisfactory visit. My understanding is that you checked-in during the afternoon, enjoyed the jacuzzi and facilities, then filed a complaint at about It Erotic cape code hotel motel also my understanding that upon inspection, the housekeeping staff found the roach to be desiccated and old, and determined it very unlikely to have come from an area in the hotel.

After your stay, the town performed an inspection of the room and found no pests, or any traces of Erotic cape code hotel motel in your room. Additionally the room and surrounding areas were treated by pest control as precaution.

Also we do enforce a strict non-smoking policy; unfortunately however, an occasional guest may slip by us. Thank you very much. Visited this weekend for the first time in 16 Erotic cape code hotel motel, absolutely nothing has been updated.

Everything is disgusting and service is sub par at best. The only reason my wife and I had enjoyed ourselves was merely due to the nostalgia behind the idea that we visited here when we were still just kids our senior year in high school and it brought back find fun memories of our youth.

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If you're an escort this is a great place for you and your clientele, I'll leave it at that. I heard Holliday Inn Hyannis now has some jacuzzi suites and for the price point I'll try them out next time.

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Bring hand sanitizer, for your body: Sorry to note that you were not happy with your recent stay. Customer is always right, however, it will help if you contact me with your real identity so that we could rectify your issues. It seems that you are local and have visited us more than once for which we thank you, however, stay make a claim and stay for free days are history.

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Please let us know your name, date you stayed, and I will personally investigate and if Erotic cape code hotel motel your claim to be correct will contact you and take action to Erotic cape code hotel motel satisfaction. My name is Ahmed and I am always at the property.

I thought there were a few problems but it was okay for us as a place to get out of the storm. They told us to go in door B. It was frozen and the lot was not plowed well. Had to trudge through the snow and wind to get to door A, which was actually right at our room. The room wasn't bad but the bed was really soft, maybe a dip in the middle of the mattress.

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Just two sheets with a coverlet at the end. It had one dirty blanket in the closet. The shower looked brand new. I know this hotel is very old but this room seemed ok. Did have to call because the remote didn't work. They did come and fix it. Over all I was happy and warm for the night. Thank you for staying at the International Inn and Suites.

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We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your stay. We hope to see you again Erotic cape code hotel motel. My wife and I stayed here for our honeymoon. When we arrived to check in, the grounds looked as if the place was deserted. We checked into our room only to find a "dated" room with a king size bed that was like a board and a full size one that was like a trampoline.

We proceeded to check out the jacuzzi, which also doubled as the shower. The height of the tub made it nearly impossible for either of us to get into it. My wife told them at the Erotic cape code hotel motel she made the reservation that we were both disabled.

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They also booked us in a room that was on the 2nd floor They do NOT have an elevator. The gentleman at the desk Adam was apologetic about the issues and moved us to another room that was "more accommodating. We packed everything up and moved into the new room. The king size bed was acceptable as was the jacuzzi.

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Erotic cape code hotel motel was also a separate 2 person shower. However, as the night went on, we had one problem after another.

By the time we got settled in, we were exhausted and decided not to use the jacuzzi that night. We did notice that the floor had cracks where there was black mold and in the ceiling tiles there was rust and mold.