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Erotic enema blogs

Porn FuckBook Erotic enema blogs.

I bought a simple Fleet enema at the drugstore, and I have a few questions.

I like to experience some good hard erotic cramping during enema play. My girlfriend and I often do enemas together, and we like to see which one of us can hold it the longest and who can handle the cramps without showing much discomfort.

When I teach a basic class on enemas, I instruct Erotic enema blogs on two important points: A Fleet enema or most other brands you buy at the local drugstore contains a laxative, and you do not need a laxative. You just need Erotic enema blogs, warm water, which is why you should empty the contents of the store-bought enema bottle, rinse it out and refill it Erotic enema blogs warm water.

So stick to plain water only. Most people will have little or no cramping when the temperature is right. I say most people because I do know enema fetishists who like to deliberately inflict discomfort and cramping on themselves or their Erotic enema blogs.

One word of caution: You can stress your gastrointestinal tract and disturb the delicate balance of your insides, which is never a good idea.

Again, Erotic enema blogs good rule of thumb for all this kind of play: I am a newbie and have just begun to think about experimenting with anal sex. I read all your articles and I am very eager to give it a try.

I started by doing a Erotic enema blogs enema; I emptied it Erotic enema blogs filled it with water as you had suggested. The enema was okay, however, I did not get that full feeling that you described.

I was looking forward to it. Is it possible that the type of enema I used is not enough? Or did it really do the trick? I heard you describe the enema bag and wondered if that is something I should give a try.

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