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Kino escalation routines

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When a kino escalation ladder is used correctly, the progression from no contact to intimate touching is seamless. Smooth transitions and no noticeable jumps are important, as these help to prevent the woman from objecting. One of the best things about escalation ladders are their versatility.

They can be used in any situation where you want to quickly ramp up the level of physical contact. Once you are sitting down and talking, touch her on the upper arm to accentuate your points.

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Next use her accessories to progress up the kino escalation ladder. If she is wearing a necklace reach across to touch it, while glancing your hand across her breasts.

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If she is wearing earrings touch them, while also making contact with her ear. Remark that the accessories are interesting and ask her where she got them from.

Now try and make full contact with your legs. The ideal situation is where your leg is constantly resting against hers.

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If you are in a bad position for this, excuse yourself from the table to get a drink or Kino escalation routines the restroom. When you return you can place your leg up against hers again. When you are ready go for the kiss, lightly brush Kino escalation routines hair to the side. At this point you should already be in constant physical contact and in a secluded place where she will feel comfortable kissing.

If you have met these two requirements you should have no problems with rejection.

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Understand that these feelings of discomfort are occurring only in your mind. If you act confidentlythen the girl that you are using kino on will assume that this is just the way that you are.

You will be perceived however you project yourself to be, not what might be going on in your mind. Many routines have become so famous that they now have their own names such as the infamous […].

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For more information on how to escalate on a girl physically, check out our article on the Kino Escalation Ladder. Kino escalation is exactly that.

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It's a term taken from a pick-up artist lingo, and it describes the technique and routines that the pickup artist uses to create. So can you guys help me out, and list all of the kino routines that you guys That routine has kino escalation, but I don't know how it goes.

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