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How to cancel fuckbook

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Our complete website's terms can be located here. The following shall simply serve the purpose of responding to some of the more common questions that we receive from our users. The information on this page does not constitute a modification to any provision contained in our Terms. If you are found repeatedly breaking these rules and using the site in inappropriate ways, your account risks being disabled.

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Premium Membership Is Fuckbook entirely secure, discrete, and anonymous? Your security and anonymity are an absolute top concern for us.

We have taken every precaution to ensure that your confidential data is How to cancel fuckbook given to any third party, and that registration is required to view all profiles. Furthermore, there are options to control the visibility settings of your profiles, and all profiles can be permanently deleted at any time.

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What will be shown on my billing statement? The descriptor that will appear on your bank statement will be given to you on our 'Upgrade How to cancel fuckbook Premium' page. For your discretion we do not use our product name in our descriptors. Please refer to the confirmation email you received after purchasing to review this information again. Why was my card declined?

If you are positive your credit card is valid, please contact our support for further assistance. How do How to cancel fuckbook upgrade my free membership to a premium membership?

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If you would like to upgrade your membership, you must first be logged in to your free profile. After that, click the 'subscribe' item on the far right of the top menu bar to be brought to our billing page where you can select further options. You can also click here to be brought directly to the payment selection page What are the costs for a premium membership? We have a number of different billing options and flexible payment providers. The plans offered are a 1-month plan, a 3-month plan, a month plan and a lifetime membership, with the 3-month, month and How to cancel fuckbook plans offering a sizable discount on the monthly rate.

I have a question about my bill. For billing-related questions, please contact our support or visit our dedicated support www. We will help you resolve any issues. Your subscription ID can be found in the confirmation email you received from the payment processor after you paid How to cancel fuckbook subscription. Will my paid membership renew automatically? For your convenience, the billing provider will automatically renew your membership when your initial subscription term expires unless you cancel prior to that date.

How can I cancel the subscription? Cancellation is easy and simple - Contact our support and request to cancel the subscription.

If you lost your billing How to cancel fuckbook, or have other questions please contact us and we will respond within 24h. If I decide I don't like my membership, can I get prorated? Unfortunately, due to our billing system, memberships cannot be prorated. If you cancel prior to the end of your subscription period, your membership will remain active for the remainder of that initial term.

However, new members in every area are constantly joining and new features are being added, so don't forget to check who's new in your area; you may be surprised! Can I pay with something other than a credit card?

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Currently, we do not offer alternative payment solutions. However, in time many alternatives will be available, so check back shortly. Contact and Messaging Why aren't some of my friends showing up? Any Fuckbook user can choose to block other users. If they do choose this option they will not show up among your friends and on your Friends Online list even How to cancel fuckbook they are on the site.

For your convenience, the billing...

How do I add someone as a Friend? Adding someone as a friend allows you to see when they are online and to contact them easily. Clicking this will send a simple request that will immediately display on their How to cancel fuckbook for them to respond to. You can also receive friend requests from other users and accept or decline them in the friend requests section of your profile. How do I remove someone from my Friends list?

To remove a user from your Friends list, go to their profile page and click on How to cancel fuckbook flag icon located in the top right of the the friend's profile. How can I block other users?

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Adding a user to your block list will prevent them from seeing that you are online and contacting you. All future messages from this person will not reach your inbox, How to cancel fuckbook will not be able to send you private messages and you will not show up on their friends list.

To block a user, go to their profile page and click on the flag icon located in the top right corner of the profile page. How do I remove someone from my block list? To take How to cancel fuckbook off of your block list, in the same way you blocked them. Go to their profile page and click on the flag icon located in the top right corner. Why can't I open my messages?

Reading and sending email is a premium member feature. To upgrade your membership click the subscribe link found in the navigation bar on the top right of every web page of the site. Premium membership also brings with it numerous other benefits!

Why do we discourage members from sharing contact information? We hope for a fun, safe online environment for our members and we discourage members from exchanging personal information when it might pose a risk to their security.

Our complete website's terms can...

How to cancel fuckbook public personal contact information can make you a target for phishing scammers who use the information they collect from you to commit fraud against you. When chatting with How to cancel fuckbook privately we encourage caution before disclosing any identifiable information.

An email someone sent me appears to have been deleted. There are a few possibilities 1. You received an email notification for a message in your inbox that you have already read and deleted.

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You may have received the email notification late due to Spam Filters that your email provider has in place. The user that sent you a message has since deleted their profile from the site.

Try searching for the username that contacted you to see if they still have a profile on the site. How do I change the email address where I get notifications? You can change your email address on record on your Account overview page.

Sending Email are features accessible by premium Members only. Profile and How to cancel fuckbook How do I edit my Profile information? How do I change my password?

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Your password may only contain letters and numbers How to cancel fuckbook must be at least 6 characters in length. You must enter your new password twice to confirm it. How do I delete my profile? If you are a paying member you will need to cancel your billing separately.

Please contact our billing support via http: How do I upload photos?

If you are Absolutely sure...

Miscellaneous Are How to cancel fuckbook any tips on how to use the site more effectively? About 90 percent of all online dating profiles are full of boring, obvious stuff that sounds exactly the same: Make your profile unique and interesting - let it be an expression of who you are, and what makes you special. Be funny, confident, and let them know you're worth having. Play up the positives, and don't mention the negatives.

Start on the right foot - give the reader of your profile a reason to read it. Feel free to IM another user when you see them online and introduce How to cancel fuckbook don't be shy! Will any other members see my personal information or contact info? Your email address is not shared, nor is any of your personal contact information under any circumstances whatsoever. How can I tell if someone is being dishonest or using fake pictures?

We cannot guarantee that the picture posted on a profile actually belongs to the person that registered the profile. We do not perform background checks on our users. This site is for entertainment purposes only and does not pre-screen its members or registrants in any way. We do not and cannot make any warranties as to the claims made by our members.