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Dating a guy with performance anxiety

Hot Nude Dating a guy with performance anxiety.

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How do I handle performance anxiety with a new partner? I've been dating someone for about a month and last week talked and decided to be exclusive. Since then, we have seen each other three times and spent significant time in bed making out and twice it has eventually led to sex.

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The first time, he was able to do it but only lasted two minutes. The second time, he lost his erection right beforehand and so we hung out and talked in bed for awhile and eventually we were able to try again, but this time, he lasted less than a minute. Then last night we made out for a long time but he didn't even try to have sex even though he did have an erection.

I didn't ask because I thought that might make him nervous. I really like this guy but this is frustrating! I am afraid to talk to him about it for fear of making it worse.

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